My first pedal board, hold on MOD Devices!

I have a growing number of pedals spread out on the floor and finally decided that it’s time to put them on a board. I sort of think I know how I’m going to interconnect them. So I was just sitting down with my piece of paper and a Pencil and remembered Mod Devices. I’ve bought both the Duo-X and the Dwarf, but then the world shut down. I’ve not been active on here, because what’s the point I’ve no device?

I guess I’m just going to have to keep kicking my pedals around the floor. I’m not building my first pedal board with a Duo-X probably weeks away, (fingers are crossed). So this is a really bad forum post, no question, no useful information. Think of it as a cry for help :wink: I should start reading the manual or something, or workout how to write plugins, but that would only frustrate me without a device.


hang in there! this is a great community of users, and we’ll be here for you when the time is right!



I feel you and will add my encouragement to get started anyway. Assembling a pedalboard seems like a straightforward activity from the outside, but can lead to some exercises in ergonomics, light engineering, DSP basics, component research and even philosophical dilemmas or crises in identity as you seek to inject a bit of permanence into your creation.

For me it was really rewarding to get a board assembled. Graduating from a constantly tangled pile of wires and power adapters had a profound psychological effect just in feeling more organized and with this beautiful unit at my feet ready to go with my looper, Duo, foot controller and few other units available at the flip of a switch. I feel like I’m more motivated to go jam in general and get better use out of my equipment since it stays all wired together and production-ready.

If you can afford them, I recommend:

  • A dedicated power supply - clean current, noise reduction, get rid of daisy-chained connections and multiple wall warts.
  • Flat patch cables - they take almost no space and are super easy to route under or around the board. You won’t even notice they’re there.

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice. I should download the manual for the Mod Duo X as hopefully I’ll get that first and at least be somewhat prepared when it arrives. I’m hoping that I can use the Duo X as both a guitar effects, use stereo, and hopefully plug in a MIDI keyboard as I believe there are synth capabilities in the box.

Welcome to the community @jwhitmore !

Your Duo X is only weeks away indeed. Bear with us :slight_smile:
Tomorrow @gianfranco is going to post an update about production. Even with the entire COVID chaos, the product team has managed to put things back on track and, as of now, they still on track :smiley:

plutek and unbracketed are right. This is a great community of users and I’m sure you have a great time messing up with these little beasts that you’ve purchased.