My new physical PedalBoard: Reduced to the max

@Ant Thanks a lot for your kind words. Do you have a Midi Controller in your mind that you want to use?

I looked up the Jet Micro, something exactly like that.

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@Ant I can recommend the JET. I have two of them and I am very happy with them. I even had to order it in USA, which made them expensive, but they are absolutely worth the prize. But one thing should be in your mind: The foot-switches are nearby to each other. So, you need filigran feet :grinning:
I can also recommend Morningstar MC6. This is the best in my eyes but it is much bigger as compared to the JET MCX.


Great post/story Kim. I’m way high up on the fence about getting a Dwarf: would you really say the distortions and reverbs are as good as the nueron and specular tempus? I have the Neuron and an mxr digital reverb which are very high quality (amongst others) : and regret/ lament how big my board has gotten. Would you mind doing a few comparisons?
Do the amp and cab sims work well with headphones? I built my current pedalboard around the neunaber Neuron and iconoclast, and am scared to leave them…
Does it tune well? I do love my polytune…
Do you miss the quick tactility of multiple pedals: I’m not sure if I will or won’t… but am craving the endless routing options…


I started with the same feelings. I have been really happy with some of the pedals and even pedalboards. I loved single pedals, like the Neuron, Specular Tempus, Synesthisia, Fathom, Morningstar etc. But I all replaced them with the Dwarf. Often the sounds changed but they have been as good as the others. There is always a way to reproduce sounds in the Dwarf. It is not Plug&Play. If you want e.g. a spring reverb (which is not existing as a plugin), you can re-build it GX Echo-Stereo and a Reverb. So you need ideas of how to do something. Also the distortion: You must find tricks. Don’t just use a distortion pedal, use it with a simulator etc. So some experience is necessary and then everything is possible.
But the major difference that makes the MOD platform so outstanding is the routing: You can cable evreything in a manner that is uncomparabel. This makes it even much stronger as all other platforms that I tested.
You can help yourself by keeping your pedals at the beginning. Do it stepwise, as I did it. I sold a pedal after realizing that I don’t need it any more. One day I found out that all have been gone. :smiley:


I’ve been trying to word this in a diplomatic way but I’m struggling so I’ll just say outright - no. Distortion pedals especially were an exercise in frustration. Reverbs available inside the Dwarf aren’t bad but they are very often redundant. Since MOD is community-driven you don’t get a lead telling well-paid devs that they need to create a spring (can’t find that on MOD at all), a plate, a hall, a shimmer, a mod verb, maybe lo-fi, maybe something Strymon-y and Eventide-y. You get hobbyist devs, who are no doubt often talented and capable but within a very niche LV2 plugin format, you get a handful of them creating plugins that are sometimes largely similar.

@Matt Unfortunately you’ve leave the board a bit to fast, otherwise you may have had the chance to checkout the latest distortion pedals released for the MOD.

so what you said now about distortion on the MOD have to be taken with a grain of salt. :metal:


And don’t forget the brilliant distortion of the fat frog Amp!

I do not agree with Matt. I had the direct comparison e.g with the Neuron (take a look at my pedalboards). I got it even better with Fat Frog and Collision Drive. It is just a question of how you do it. Just plugin’ the distortion gives no good results.


I understand @Matt a little bit. You can get good distortion sounds but you have to work and dig a little to get what you want. The same goes for reverb. If you know how to get a specific sound the dwarf is superior to other devices. It ist’n as polished as the specular tempus which offer great patches right out of the box but you can get beyond by combining plugins.


To be honest, I don’t see the Dwarf as a pedalboard replacer right now either. I bought it with that goal on mind and I end up buying some individual pedals again (a multifx for different delays/reverbs and a couple of drives). But the Dwarf is a cool swiss knife that includes a lot of things and it’s kinda like “the brain of my board”. The routing and advanced stuff you can do with it (CV, now with Cardinal, some really cool plugins and good sounding plugins…) make the pedals really come to life. But I don’t think everyone would be happy just with the Dwarf, at least not yet.


I had no intention of eliminating all my pedals, either. My plan was to put the “normal” stuff into the Dwarf and keep all the “weird” stuff as physical pedals. Since I do most everything in Linux, I didn’t like the fact that all of the other pedal modeling options require an app to get access to all the features. Add to that the ability to create my own plugins and gadgets, and the Dwarf was the clear winner in my mind.

I think I’ve found a way to replace one of my pedals, though. I have a T-Rex Moller. I think I’ve almost nailed it by combining a Tube Screamer, an X-Fader and a Gain Boost. The only real missing piece is the “voice” switch, but I don’t really use that anyway. I need to tweak the setting s a little more, but this configuration is very close to the Moller to my ears.


@jesusperezsv …instead of me. I am absolutley happy with it and I could replace all my pedals and the sounds are absolutely fine. I agree nevertheless to what you wrote 100%. It is not plug&play and you have to have ideas for getting your sound. But not all will achieve this goal.
On the flipside: The Dwarf is about 450,- €. The Specular Tempus alone for example is already 400,- €. I think this tells its own story…


This plan is fine! You must learn how to work with the Dwarf. A stepwise process is my recommendation as well. May be you cannot replace all your pedals with it but you can reduce them.


I do appreciate your diplomatic replies: the dwarf is so incredibly unique; I’m sure it’s worth the time spent to find the sound your looking for… and that’s part of the fun; and part of the reasons it exists! crafting your own sound: now to just convince the wife it’s in the budget… :slight_smile: or sell some stuff…


Right! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

the way I see it, the Dwarf is the cost of 2-3 pedals that it easily models. I mean you’re saving money, really :slight_smile:


I took inspiration and a “tiny pedalboard” was born.

One questions about programing the JET.

I want one of the JET buttons to toggle the A/B utility pedal. I have the JET sending a CC midi signal which changes from Channel A to Channel B, but then when I push the button again, it won’t change back. I tried a few things but can’t work it out so I thought I’d come back here and see if you can give guidance?

PS: I love my Polytune, if someone can implement that on Mod I’d be happy to send a dozen virtual beers!


Hi Ant. Did you take the CC Toggle command?
2022-04-29 08_44_45-Control Change Toggle _ Documents


Thanks so much! That should fix it - will try out after band practice (where I’m the keyboard player so no Dwarf).


No issue! If you have questions feel free to ask. I have a lot of experience with that device.