NAMM Show 2017

Hello everyone

I am writing this post to reach out to our great community of users and developers about the NAMM 2017.

As many people know, the NAMM Show is a very important event that happens in Anaheim /CA and hosts most of the players from the Music Production market worldwide.

It is not opened to the general public and attendance is restricted to professionals of the music business.

We’ve been present at the Summer NAMM 2016 in Nashville and we are also attending the NAMM Show 2017.

Since our product is heavily community driven, we decided to try to involve our community as much as we can.

In a nutshell, we are entitled to a handful of badges and we’d like to invite people that would be willing to attend the event and help us to show the world what an amazing thing the MOD ecosystem is.

We’ve been enquired already by quite a number of people about this and, as the quantity of badges is limited, there is a selection process to be conducted.

The possible participations are:

1 - you’re a musician and you’d like to demo the MOD Duo at our booth;

2 - you are from a sales/marketing background and you believe you can contribute to make our presence better;

3 - you are so excited with the possibilities of the MOD Duo that you feel an uncontrollable urge to be at the booth and explain to everyone why the MOD is the future of audio processing for musicians :wink:

Please be advised that, due to our current limitations, our budget to the NAMM is extremely tight. That said, what we are offering is only a badge for the four days of the event. Trip expenses will not be included.

On the other hand, we’ll require no more than two days attendance. In this way the people can spend the other days of the show on their own interest.

Please contact me directly for further details.

My best wishes to everyone.

Gianfranco Ceccolini


Kudos! You will not see an offer like that very often… that’s one of the perks of being early adopters :wink:


Rey glad to hear that you’ll be going to winter NAMM. if I cold join you I would.

Does any of your team scout the gear page forum ( The pedals subgroup and the digital modeling subgroup are great places to see what guitar hobbyists and professionals want in their gear.


Hey everyone,

Is anyone going to be around NAMM then?

Do you know people who’ll be there?



Pictures or it didn’t happen! :slight_smile:


As requested :wink:


What a great time!

Thank you for having me. Such a pleasure to support the MOD team.