Neotrellis M4 + MOD Duo = a match made in heaven

I programmed various functions into a neotrellis m4, which is an arduino-like musical device, and it works really well with the mod. I just thought I’d share it in case anyone else also wants to give it a try. I made a video showcasing some of the features


how was it program the Neotrellis M4? Was it hard?

A little bit. It depends how much experience you have with arduino/c++. When i started this project I was a little rusty, so it took me many hours, but at the level I am now I will say it’s not too difficult.

Although I did structure the code in a way that makes it really easy to make new “pedalboards”. I made one of the files like a library that takes care of all the functionality of the buttons. So you can just specify the button types, locations, colours, etc and quickly get it working without really understanding exactly how the functionality is implemented