New designs for plugins

Hey y’all!

Don’t know if you have noticed, but we’ve added some new plugin interfaces a while back.

Most were created for synths such as the Fluid suite, the amsynth, the DX10 and JX10, the epiano, the AVLinux drum kits, the TAP Pink Noise, and more… but also for simulators such as the CAPS cabinet.

We wanted to improve the look of these units but also some aspects of the UX, since the previous interfaces didn’t convey what the plugin provided or how.

We are looking to hire a graphic designer soon who will, among other things, also take care of these UX/UI aspects so y’all can suggest to us which gear deserves a new interface and what tweaks would you like to see.



Hello @dwek!

I´ve notice the new plugin interfaces and think that is great but IMHO the settings interface inside the plugins should have a major “facelift” because that interface is absolutely non intuitive and very, very ugly.
Specially for the plugins with lots of parameters.
Organizing the settings interface inside the plugins into parameter groups for example would improve a lot the user experience and productivity.


Good call!

I think some of the plugins look really good now (the speaker emulation). But I think they take too much space on my pedalboards. I would like to have a bigger space to position my plugins and the ability to “zoom out further”.

I think the interface “inside the plugins” is functional. Not pretty, but functional (altough I see the problem with plugins with lots of parameters).

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Hi @brusch
You know you can drag the gear in your pedalboard to the outskirts of the screen and expand it (the zoom out you mention)?

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no, I’ve never done that. I have to try it the next time I am using the web interface.

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That interface is generated from the metadata of the plugin. Plugins can provide hints to the host of how to organize ports, but very few of them do. I’m not sure the Mod Host is taking advantage of the hints at this time, but I hope they will soon, and once they do we can start requesting other plugin makers to add the hints. Hints can (and should) include parameter groups (e.g.


Thanks for the explanation @ssj71!

As a end user, means very little to me how that can be implemented! As long as the interface provides a clear and uncluttered view of the parameters I will be satisfied and if it looks cool even better!:wink:

Ps.: I wish I could understand better all these technical stuff to be able to help!!!

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well, I just mean to point out that that issue is partially on MODs side but also part on the plugin developers.


(of course though, this is a place where people could contribute to plugin projects without needing to know anything about programming. If mod updates to use the meta data, I could write a quick tutorial about how to add this to any plugin.)