New gear day!

I’ve been working really hard on not buying anything without selling something of equal value.

Last week I was able to sell off 2 of my strymon pedals (dwarf gives me every sound I was using on the strymons anyway) and I was able to snag a synth I’ve been drooling over.

Check this bad boy out!

I know behringer is a dubious company, but this thing feels rock solid and the build quality is surprisingly good for behringer.

It’s hard to get this colorway and I happened to have lucked out.

Unfortunately I have to wait until later today for a US plug to arrive, but that’s a minor deal. I should have known better since I ordered from Germany lol

Hopefully I’ll be recovered this weekend so I can get my nose back on the grindstone and start seeing what the “meanie and dwarf” can do together.

Hope all is well!



dig your gear-out/gear-in policy! :wink:


Thanks mate!

I struggled with gear acquisition syndrome, so I’ve been working on it lol