New MOD duo video :)


Here’s a video from my forthcoming new solo album - I think all the sounds on here are from the Duo (watching the video, I can’t see me hitting any other pedals! :slight_smile: ), there are two preamps before it though - a solid state Aguilar Tone Hammer for EQ, and a Jule Monique tube preamp.


Sounds awesome Steve! Inspiring work, thank you for sharing.


…there are actually a couple of other pedals here - the backwards stuff is done with the TC Flashback (I’m working on a MOD Emulation of that exact sound at the moment) and my SubDecay Ring Mod is in there for a little bit of the backwards solo :slight_smile:

…everything else is Duo :smiley:


…a second video from the new album, with a ton of Duo-powered ambient sounds:



oh man @solobasssteve!! Inspirational!
to be bold on a brainflash, I am feeling inspired to record my didgeridoo sounds over these soundvibes. But …you just say they are part of your new album tracks :wink: so I am not going to touched it. Never the less it is very creative and I like that much. .
When you would have time and be interested I invite you to listen to my soundcreations:

Greetings from Finland


thanks very much! So glad you like it. The rest of the album is out on Monday. Five days to go! :smiley:


Looking forward to it Steve @solobasssteve!
Keep me posted.


Hey all,

my album is out today - an entire record of Duo-driven bass sounds :slight_smile: It’s at and if you use the discount code ‘BAD50’ you’ll get it half price :slight_smile:

here’s another new video from it (the piano is played on my Keith McMillen Quneo, sounds from FL Studio) all the bass sounds are Duo… Enjoy!