New MOD duo video :)

Here’s a video from my forthcoming new solo album - I think all the sounds on here are from the Duo (watching the video, I can’t see me hitting any other pedals! :slight_smile: ), there are two preamps before it though - a solid state Aguilar Tone Hammer for EQ, and a Jule Monique tube preamp.


Sounds awesome Steve! Inspiring work, thank you for sharing.


…there are actually a couple of other pedals here - the backwards stuff is done with the TC Flashback (I’m working on a MOD Emulation of that exact sound at the moment) and my SubDecay Ring Mod is in there for a little bit of the backwards solo :slight_smile:

…everything else is Duo :smiley:

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…a second video from the new album, with a ton of Duo-powered ambient sounds:



oh man @solobasssteve!! Inspirational!
to be bold on a brainflash, I am feeling inspired to record my didgeridoo sounds over these soundvibes. But …you just say they are part of your new album tracks :wink: so I am not going to touched it. Never the less it is very creative and I like that much. .
When you would have time and be interested I invite you to listen to my soundcreations:

Greetings from Finland

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thanks very much! So glad you like it. The rest of the album is out on Monday. Five days to go! :smiley:


Looking forward to it Steve @solobasssteve!
Keep me posted.

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Hey all,

my album is out today - an entire record of Duo-driven bass sounds :slight_smile: It’s at and if you use the discount code ‘BAD50’ you’ll get it half price :slight_smile:

here’s another new video from it (the piano is played on my Keith McMillen Quneo, sounds from FL Studio) all the bass sounds are Duo… Enjoy!


While you’re waiting for your DuoX to ship, here’s a new Duo-heavy video, that makes extensive use of the backwards delay and Paranoia Fuzz plug-ins…



great stuff!


thank you :slight_smile: I’m getting more and more into pedalboard presets and what they make possible in terms of switching… So much still to explore :slight_smile: