New plugin - the SHIRO Gaffa released

Hello everyone!

We have a new commercial plugin, called the Gaffa.

The plugin is made by SHIRO and is a very characterful delay. It doesn’t perfectly replicate your input like digital delays do, but instead it explores the irregularities, quirks and sound coloring of analog tape delays.

More information can be found here:

For everyone who wants to try it out and play with it, the plugin is now available in our plugin-store!




Ooh, looking forward to trying this!

Oh, and it even has a nice description! :+1:

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Good gosh how can we Praise the Dev?

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Took about 2 minutes with the trial version before i had to buy it. What a brilliant pedal, especially with all the controls assigned on the DuoX!

… I’d have paid €13 just for the presets even if the pedal had been free - brilliant implementation!

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Completed successfully, easily, with no hassle.

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You guys noticing that the crinkle knob doesn’t do anything?

Crinkle introduces noisy artifacts on the repeats that I like to describe as “dusty” (see the Fairy Dusty preset). It’s more apparent when the tape age is set to the right. Bias on the other hand is how sound is put on the tape. If it’s underbiased there will be dropouts after a few repeats around the zero-crossing point (crossover/zero-crossing distortion) or in the softer part of the wet signal (see the Unbiased Opinion preset). If you overbias, the sound will be pushed more into a soft-clipping circuit that can introduce some overdrive (see the Mulholland Drive preset). I hope this clarified things! If not don’t hesitate to ask. :slight_smile:


Thanks all for the kind words!

  1. I is there a way we could dial up the intensity (50%) of the crinkle knob, its seems really subtle.
  2. how difficult is it to re-order the path of the tape age to, before the delay?

I’ve found that the value range of the crinkle knob is what I was going for, but to come back to your question no there’s no end-user intensity dial-up. As for the tape age, the wet signal will pass through the tape age at least once, and again on every repeat after the first delay. Again this was by design. Hope this helps!


id pay for something like that aka Gaffa 2