No connection with Mod Duo

All worked fine till now but today the ModDuo ethernet connection is not working anymore
The network connection is always 'Désactivé (in french :-))
Pinging ‘modduo.local’ is ok
I use Debian 8

What MOD system version do you have?

I think a reinstall might work, see the top section of the reinstall wiki page

I experienced this today - “network unreachable” trying to ssh in via Rebooting the Duo fixed it.

Duo running v1.5
macOS 10.12.6

with macOS things are a bit different.
there’s a specific set of actions that make the Duo’s network driver go down.
the latest v1.5 build and also 1.4.2 added a workaround for this (resetting the driver internally when such issue is detected).
when contents are cached then this is not an issue.

Thanks for help,
The problem is not on ModDuo… it is working on my laptop
Sorry to bother you.

V1.5 ? One word about it?