"Noise" in left display


The left display on my ModDuo has some noise or artefacts at the top of the screen (see pictures).

it is not fixed. Meaning it flickers and follows the top most text that is displayed.

My unit info :

  • release: v1.5.0
  • controller: a5aa6d3

This is not a huge problem in itself but it hints at an unstable unit and since I have concerts coming up, I would like to be reassured that it will not let me down.



Hello Simon.

It seems like the display has some sort of hardware issue, but this does not compromise the unit at all, neither generates instability. We will contact you via PM for details.


most often those pixel problems are coming from a bad contact between the flex cable and the connector on the board.
Removing and putting the connector back in place may solve the problem at the cost of a simple action if you are ok with disassembly.


Today, I took my MOD DUO apart, disconnected all ribbon and flat cables and reconnected them.

The display issue is stil there. I believe the display to be defective.

Besides that, the unit works perfectly so I am not worried.

Ricardo and Mauricio have already contacted me in private. I’m sure i’m in great hands … :slight_smile:


In the end, Moricio sent me a replacement display.

Problem Solved !

Thanks to you all !