Not all Duo Footswitch Labels showing


When I make assignments to the Duo footswitch, sometimes the labels show and sometimes they don’t!

How to reproduce

Put the Bollie Delay on a pedalboard. Assign footswitch 1 to on/off and footswitch 2 to “Tap”. You should find that the on/off label shows OK but the second switch show’s the default text “Foot 2”? rather than “Tap”. Changing it to a custom label doesn’t help.

A similar problem occurs when using the Loopor pedal.

Expected/suggested solution

Assignments should always show the parameter name or custom name.

Additional information

Open the controller menu (hold left knob down), navigate to Info > Versions and write down here the version.

  • release:
    Duo release 1.10.4
    Windows 10/Chrome

Was this happening in earlier versions of the OS or only since you installed the latest one?

It used to work. I think it maybe since the Duo got the big UI update but can’t say for certain

I am able to reproduce the issue, thanks for the report.

v1.11 is close to release, so we will put the fix to this on it rather than doing a v1.10.5 since this is only a visual bug from what I can tell (the footswitch still works as intended, the text on display just does not change)


Excellent - thanks!

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