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I was looking to emulate my Boss OC-3 Pedal which features both Octave and fuzz, I tried the MOD Guitarix OC-2 emulation and the MOD MDA-Subsynth but both were pretty messy and lost tracking pretty quickly especially when playing fast. I was able to utilize the 2Voices plugin with the Tubescreamer and get a righteous Octave fuzz that tracks nicely. 2Voices is set to have 'Step1' dropped an octave and Step2 retains the original actual pitch. Unfortunately there was not enough spare CPU to record a sample.

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Hi! Awesome sounding pedalboard.

If you want it to sound even more awesome, at a lower CPU usage, you should consider using the Drop plugin instead of the 2Voices plugin, and the connecting both the Drop’s output to the tuberscreamer, and the CAPS Spice’s output to the tubescreamer and Drop. (you can connect 1 output to multiple different connections).


Hi Jesse,

Thanks for the tip! It hadn’t occurred to me I could do it that way, that opens up even more possibilities! Thanks

The routing is amazing with the DUO. You can split and combine whatever you want.
I like the sound of blending things in stead of just one pedal after another.

I do find that I use a lot of the gain plugin to blend/boost/cut levels since each plugin level works a little differently…