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Welcome to the MOD Dwarf beta testing forum!

The use of this forum for beta testing will require practice from all of us to make sure, that the information remains orderly and accessible.
This post details the guidelines in how we use and maintain the #dwarf-beta category of this forum.

Forum Layout

The Dwarf Beta forum consists of three categories:

General Discussion

This category is for all communication other than bugs and feature requests. Feedback is welcome, as well as anything else you would like to discuss.

Bug Reports

Use this category for reporting bugs. Post new bugs that have not already been posted as a topic and we can begin a dialog about reproduction steps, comments and questions.

Feature Requests

We will use this category to gather feature requests and other ideas which will allow us to communicate on each request individually and further discuss the details.

Forum Rules

Avoid reposts

Please invest some time and have a look around the forum to see if the topic you want to post or the bug you have discovered has not already been posted.

Single topics

When adding to a topic, please keep the conversation around that discussion. Otherwise please create a new topic in the appropriate category

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Mine arrives today. Any updates to know about? I imagine it will let me know when I open it.

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In this category, we welcome any general discussions that are not specifically related to reporting bugs, or requesting features.

If the topic of discussion is around a bug, please use the #dwarf-beta:dwarf-beta-bugs category. For feature requests, please use the #dwarf-beta:dwarf-beta-features category. All other conversations should remain in this #dwarf-beta:dwarf-beta-discussion category.

We absolutely encourage you to contribute to openminded and receptive discussions with the ambition to grow the forum into a community.

Lastly please don’t hesitate to offer us feedback. This helps us to know what we are doing well on and where we can improve. Whether it is improvements on hardware, plugins, or the usage of this forum.

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Requesting features

This category is open for you all to provide useful input in the form of feature requests.

We cannot guarantee that your feature requests will make it into the MOD Dwarf in the near future, but we can promise that they will be considered for future updates. As you truly are the core supporters of MOD, it is only fair that your input is heard!

When making a feature request, please provide the following information:

  • As what role are you asking this? (as a guitarist, as a music educator, etc…)
  • What feature would you like to have?
  • What specific goal would you like to achieve with this feature?
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Reporting Bugs

Please use this category for reporting bugs that have not already been posted.

When reporting a bug for the first time please use the following name convention:

<BUG: Short Title or Summary.>

A good bug description should look like the following:

  • Version and Setup: Exact serial number of the beta unit as well the exact version of the firmware installed. Also please add the specifics of your setup that you believe may have contributed to causing the bug.
  • Reproduction Steps: If the device malfunctions or becomes bricked it’s important to get as much details about the circumstances of the failure. What was being done at the time? Were there other devices involved? What was the set up? Please list the exact steps to produce the bug.
  • Observed Results: Describe what actually occurs at what point.
  • Expected Results: Describe what you expected to happen.

Please add as much information as possible from your side when confirming a bug.

When adding a new bug or confirming one, please do attach (if applicable):

  • screen shots or short screen captures of the MOD Web Interface
  • photos or videos of the MOD Dwarf going into the bugged state
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