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Discussion about LV2 plugins in general.

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Discussion about LV2 plugins in general

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I am new to MOD but the plugins interest me greatly. I cannot however figure out where to download demos and purchase the plugins from the site. Any help is appreciated.

Connect your mod device via usb turn it on, on a chrome browser, (device type) .local
at the bottom you can access the plugin store

Hi there, new to the MOD Dwarf, but having an issue with the editor and some plugins.

When I try to connect the input cables on the left side of the visual editor to a plugin like the Brass or Sax for example, they won’t connect to the plugin, but will connect to the default plugin. Why is this?

Sorry if this is not the right place, but I don’t see any other way to open a new subject in the forums.



Hi John, @Jgarniss

I am not familiar with those pedals yet, but since no one else has replied, I thought I’d share a few ideas. Some pedals are made specifically for a midi input connection and others are made for a straight 1/4" cable connection. I am thinking that Brass and Sax are specifically midi types of connections. Try connecting them to the blue midi cable on the left. I believe this means you’ll have to connect it to a midi device (keyboard) to use them.

I’m pretty new as well, but from my experience so far I believe this to be the case. I’m happy to be wrong though if someone knows better.


Thanks very much I’ll try that. I have an EWI and a keyboard I could use for it.

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Hello! New member here. I am not a coder but I would like to learn. Which brings me to my question and I hope this is the appropriate place to ask.

I’d like to learn how to port LV2 plugins that are not my own. In particular I am very interested in learning how to port ‘Vital’ from Vital Audio. From what I can find in the ModWiki Page, “How To Build and Deploy LV2 Plugin to MOD Duo” seems to be aimed around developing one’s own plugin. Should I start at this wiki page in order to learn how to port LV2. Should I first ask the developer for permission or for the source code? I am sure these question are painfully obvious but thank you for your time.