On-board pedalboard list limit

hey, all… what is the limit on the number of pedalboards that the MOD can have saved, AND that can show up in the on-board bank list?

i’ve been just saving my own pedalboards, without deleting the ones that come already saved. at a certain point, i could no longer see all my pedalboards in the list (when viewed on the MOD screen - they’re all visible in the browser GUI)… and yet, the one which i last saved would be loaded up after i reboot away from the computer, even though it doesn’t show up in the list!

i think i saw up to about 5 or 6 of my own, then the rest were not listed. now that i’ve deleted all the factory pedalboards, all of mine show up fine in the list.

so there seems to be a difference between the number of boards which the MOD can SAVE, and the number it can LIST in the on-board UI.

bug or feature? :wink:

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There is a limit, yes.
The limit is either 50 pedalboards or 1024 bytes (whichever is reached first).
The 50 limit is because it gets very hard to navigate with such big list. The 1024 bytes is a safe value for communication between the main mod board and the top one where the screens are.

Note that this limitation is per bank. You can create a bank with a custom set of pedalboards.


sure does! :wink:

thanks for the clarification, @falkTX!