One-switch note on/off

i’d like one of my Duo footswitches to trigger a MIDI note ON when pressed once (i.e. turned the switch is turned “ON”), and then the corresponding note OFF when pressed again.

with MINDI from @ssj71 , it seems like i need to use two footswitches (one for note ON and one for note OFF) with two presses for each.

…but, since the footswitch is a toggle between two states, isn’t there some way to make one switch toggle the note both ON and OFF?

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It is surely possible, in theory.
I don’t know which plugins right now can handle it though, perhaps there is something that sends different comamnds when enabled/disabled? then with a chain of midi tools convert that into note on/off…?

Things like this make me really want to have proper/full LV2 atom message support in the plugins.
We will be able to build our own plugins from nothing, lua-jit plugin would work perfect for this!
It is just a matter of writing the right lines to do what we want. will be great inside MOD later on :slight_smile:


What’s missing right now?

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An actual implementation that allows modguis to send arbitrary messages to the DSP/host side, and vice-versa.

When that is done, we can have things like these



If you go into the configuration of mindi there’s an auto-note-off switch that allows you to use a single switch, but you have to press once for note on, again for note off.
Mindi could do this fully the way you want if there was an option to allow the footswitches to act like a momentary button rather than a toggle button. :slight_smile: I want this feature too.

I’ve recieved feature requests to add a trigger port to mindi to do this the manual way (how the 1 switch loopers do). I plan to add it but I’m not going to promise any timeline. Unfortunately hobby dev time is like minutes a month lately. I’ll try to bump it up in priority though.


great… i was confused about the meaning of the auto note-off control. with MINDI set to Note-On, and with the Auto Note-Off switch enabled, it does exactly what i was looking for with just one Duo switch.

first press: the note is triggered, and the switch LED is red
second press: the note is stopped, and the switch LED is off

perfect! :slight_smile:


Whoops. :grimacing: I didn’t read your message very carefully. Glad it’s doing what you want!