Online interactive Mod demo sessions by community members

Hi everyone,

Recently, I’ve seen a number of questions on social media (facebook mainly) from people who would like to test the Mod Devices before potentially buying one.

I was thinking that it is always good for existing users to help extending the community. So I was wondering who would be interested in creating a group of users who would agree to spend a bit of their time to demo their device to potential buyers via skype zoom, or whatever other channel in a friendly and interactive way. For instance, Zoom has got a feature allowing by-passing the usual sound processing/compression algo, hence allowing people at the other end to hear a not-too-distorted sound.

I don’t think the sessions need to last hours and they can include more than one person.

I see them as being free, but there no obligation (and nothing says that the attendees could not take the initiative of buying you a virtual coffee or a box of chocolate to say thank you either).

Or maybe Mod Device could encourage users to take part by offering goodies, like free plugins for instance (what do you think of this @gianfranco ?)


We have a wild idea of running a MOD environment/setup on the cloud, with full-on audio support.
But there are obviously technical challenges.

Also maybe having mod-host/ui running on macOS, since now that JACK2 project has builds for it again, it could work.

Very limited selection of plugins in both cases, and not the whole experience obviously, but already would give a little taste of the platform and what the usual pedalboard building is like.


Yeah, this is what I advise people to try. But having the chance to discuss with a user and to see a Mod in action is a whole different experience, especially if you can ask the demonstrator to show specific things you are interested in. Also, it allows to build stronger relationships within the community, which is important to me and to many. The larger and better the community, the more we are able to reach a critical mass, to attract developers as well and to get even better plugins created for the benefit of all of us.

A Mod online would be awesome, but I expect it would be challenging.


@Azza I can tell you that the idea seems pretty interesting.
I will bring it into talks with the team and try to understand if and what could we offer to users doing this type of “demos”.


Hi @Azza

I like the idea a lot.

We’re working on a program that soon will be opened to the community and that resonates a lot with your proposal.

We call it the Ambassador Program and, in a nutshell, it is a content driven affiliate system. Content is very important nowadays and, for our product, it is imperative. It is almost impossible to explain what our products do without being vague or confusing. Showing things you can achieve with it does not complete answers the question, but helps a lot to build the understanding.

Do you think this aligns with your idea?

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I’m already promoting LV2 and MOD devices as much as I can :wink:

Really like this idea of a kind of interactive Q/A sessions between users/musicians/community and the wider audience. In general I see a lot of positive responses online, but having some more ‘tangible’ interactions would probably help clear up some misconceptions and give people a better idea of what the MOD ecosystem is about.

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I am not totally sure I can picture what you are describing, but I am surely going to look into it when you’re rolling it out