Online Pedal Boards never load

Online Pedal boards never load.

How to reproduce

  1. Navigate to online pedals boards
  2. Choose a board.
  3. Click “try me.”
  4. response says it is loading but it never does.

Expected behavior

Pedalboard loads

I tried this using Chrome on Windows and on a Mac that I turned into a Chromebook. Everything is up to date.

Open the controller menu (hold left knob down), navigate to Info > Versions and write down here the versions.

  • release:
  • controller:

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: (Windows)
  • System version: (Windows 10)
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What device do you have?
This may be happening because you are trying to load a pedalboard developed for the DuoX on the Duo and the Duo has no capacity to handle it.
The team is working on an improvement that tags the device for which the pedalboards were created.
Also, does this happens with all the pedalboards?

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I’ve got the Duo X. Since I reported this bug, it’s worked… and then stopped working, and then worked again. Could it be your server? It seems intermittent. Also, I notice that after leaving the browser open for a long time, it totally stops responding and I have to relaunch it. Thanks.

That may be a problem with your browser settings. Have you tried a different one?

What do you recommend? I think the Microsoft browser is already installed. I could try that and see.

I don’t know which one is the one that you are using. If you are using the Edge (Microsoft one) I would not recommend it. Instead, I would suggest you tor try Chrome or Mozzila.
Let us know if you manage to solve the issue.

I was using Chrome, but actually Edge seems more stable so far.

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