Orange Amp Plugin

Hi, does anyone know a plugin that simulates an Orange amp? Thanks

I’ve just done a simulation of the Orange TinyTerror:

it’s available as LV2 plug, but not ported to the MOD. But may come to the MOD.


Hey, any chances you could describe the process you used with Faust to generate the coefficients? I’m currently studying amp modeling and having a hard time finding materials to understand how people do it using opensource tools. I intend to write some blog posts detailing my discoveries so other people can easily follow them to design new amp models. Thanks!

Sure, it isn’t a secret at all. I’ve posted a introduction to my workflow here:
when you follow this thread you’ll find as well the thesis were this work is based on:
what we do is stick those thesis together with faust.


Wow, that’s amazing work. Thank you very much for sharing!