Output Midi clock?

I want to run a MIDI Sequencer inside the ModDwarf and sync with an external synth, so I wanted to generate the clock inside ModDwarf and route it out to the external synth.

I’ve found this module, which looks exactly what I’m looking for

But can’t find it in my moddwarf. I’m missing the part where I can find plugins that have been added to the ecosystem?

Did you check on the plug-in shop that it was actually installed?

I purchased the RMPro plug-in and couldn’t figure out where it went.

Turns out it didn’t auto install.

If you have verified install, here is what you do from the board construction page:

Click on the icon to the right of the magnifying glass.

When the plug-in list pops up, select “Midi Utility”

It should pop up in that list.

Hope that helps!


There is an integrated MIDI clock (output) on the device settings, no need for running a dedicated plugin.

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Couldn’t find any device settings for the clock output, but got that plugin installed and it’s doing the job.

There’s a settings menu, (the gear cog) which is mainly update settings, and a ‘midi ports’ settings which doesn’t mention the clock. The tempo to the left of ‘midi ports’ can set the clock to ‘internal’ or midi but doesn’t say anything about publishing the clock.

Probably in there somewhere but I’m missing it.

It is under “sync & midi”
See Device Settings - MOD Wiki

Enabling “Send MIDI Clock” will basically load this same plugin behind the scenes, and have it applied to all pedalboards and across reboots.