Pedal controlled step sequencer - possible? any advice on getting started?

I am imagining a step sequencer that only moves forward one step when you depress a footswitch (or whatever other controller.)

My use case is to preprogram a bass line (and some simple drums) to act as a backing track, except that I am in control of the tempo and can introduces pauses when I like.

hit the pedal => 1st step of the sequence plays
hit the pedal again => 2nd step of the sequence plays

I am close to finishing my Bachelors in CS (woohoo!) and at this point I have a little bit of exposure to C++, as well as Java and Python.

But I don’t know anything about midi/plugins except as a user. My impression is that my idea could be problematic because on Mod (like in most cases) the loop is either playing or not playing, and doing so according to a set tempo.

Is my idea possible on the mod? Does anyone have any advice on getting started?

@dylanious If I understand your idea correctly, this should definitely be possible.

For me it always works well to look at plugins that already do something similar to the thing I want to achieve.The stepseq plugin could be a useful reference to get started and get an idea on how to implement a MIDI-sequencer:

This plugin does sequence the notes based on a clock, but you could replace this mechanism with a trigger control so that, if the control is triggered the sequencers moves to the next step. The following plugin uses a trigger control to generate a new random value, so you could have a look at this for reference:

Al the examples above are in C. If you would prefer to do it C++, I would advice you to have a look at . In the README is a link to the documentation of this framework and there is also a list to source code of plugins created using DPF. Especially the could be a good reference on how to set up some kind of MIDI plugin.

There is also of course the site for general information and documentation regarding LV2 plugins.


Hi Brian,

I will have a look at these, thanks for your recommendations!