Pedal use with saxophone , harmonizers ecc


good morning everyone, I’m interested in the pedal, but I would like to know if in the forum I have other saxophonists or reeds players, if so, I would like to know their experience with all plug-ins like harmonizer, delay shifter , reveverms ecc…


i and @plutek do.

I’ll write you more later, but for now: i really dig the mod. At first i had some problems because the 1ghz cpu is a bit restrictive for more than 2 voices (harmonizer) but a) the plugins are getting better and more efficient and b) now you can change the buffer size, so you got more cpu ressources (a bit more delay, but not noteworthy).

with things like delay, reverb, envelope filter, phaser, and any routing you might imagine, the possibilities are endless.


yes, i sure do… i’m super-busy through the weekend, but will write a bit about my experience sometime next week. like @domlo, i virtually always need to run with the larger buffer size to keep the CPU load reasonable with the pedalboards i put together. also, it has been really vital for me to bring many parameters out to external pedals and switches, so i can have better real-time control. but, yeah, i use it all the time in performance with harmonizers, delays, and lots of other things…

stay tuned… :slight_smile:


I like to use the MOD too for my Didgeridoo and Saxophone yet I have still not chosen what to buy. Should I go for the MOD DUO or the new one that is upcomming. I am still a bit puzzeled yet i would love to experience how these devices sound with the sounds i already create. I do love the whole community based environment so that is a BIG pro.
I use a FaceBass (seismic audio sensor) as “mic” it is not a mic it is a sensor (see here what it is about developed by my old teacher Charlie McMahon -

And for you all to introduce you my sounds invite you listen here one of my new creations: Drone Escape -

So yes with this and using the facebass I am fully eager to learn from you guys and choose the right MOD.

Musical happy and healthy greetings
Manupeo (aka Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij)


This might be the very best promotional video i have ever seen :slight_smile: :wink: What an awesome dude ! :slight_smile:

For the MOD X vs. Duo question: If i played mostly in a studio/at home, i’d probably choose the new MOD X, as it is developed for on-table-use. But if you play on a stage/on the road, i’d pick the Duo. Of course, the CPU of the X is better, but an upgrade option for the Duo might happen. It also depends on how much knobs/buttons you really need when you play.

I am using a DPA 4099 on my Sax, put very near the bell (the end of the bell and the mic are aligned) into a phantom power adapter, into the MOD. Works well on loud stages aswell, first thing on the MOD is using Compressor, Gate, Low-/High-Cut to eliminate stage noise (not in that particular order).

I am now experimenting with different ways to get a tone signal. For my bass clarinet the plan is to 3D-print a mouthpiece with room for a piezo pickup. We’ll see how that works.
But for the Sax i’m also looking for better ways to pick up the sound, as especially the Harmonizers track only really good with a clean and loud signal (might turn up the compressor ratio). The ideal for the Sax would be a classically placed mic (DPA between bell and left hand), and a pickup mic inside the MP/Neck for effects.

@Manupeo are you using the FaceBass inside your mouth when you play the Sax? I imagine it’s hard to get a tight seal then. Also i think i heard a lot of breath/mouth-noises in the instruction video - how are you dealing with that?

If i had to settle for a commercial Mic solution right now, i’d probably pick the Rumberger WP1 or the Viga intraMic (the technology seems to be awesome!).

I’ll try to upload some example boards soon @Manupeo and @Enzo


Hi there domio, thank you for your reply.
Well to be honest I do not use the Facebase for my Sax, although I have tried it out and it works great. It needs a little adjustment on your embrochure but it is minor. I teach breathing technique so understanding lip tentions etc.

The FaceBass is so convient and easy to use. Once you are used to the device…you hardly feel it is you mouth.

But I like to use the MOD and FaceBass with my Didgeridoo playing.

I am very inspired by your answer and realy looking forward to be able to get a MOD device. I have some on sight. One of them is a first or second batch of the Kickstarter series. I do not know if it matters in regards of the bathes they now sell. Perhaps you know more of this.

Anyway I will be happy to help you out with the FaceBass question. I will make an video so I can show you.

For now sending you a happy and healthy evening (as that is it here in Finland)
Looking forward to keep in touch and read your reply.

Musical happy greetings


Hi there @domlo and others,
well to come back on the topic with the FaceBass and saxophone. Just created an new track. Soul Dancing. It is a 1 take recording using the FaceBass to record the sounds of my Carbony Slide Didgeridoo and SML Tenor saxophone.

Soon i will be adding a video to show you more.

The track you can listen to here:

Looking forward to read your comments and replies on this track.
Have a wonderful inspirational weekend.
Manupeo (aka Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij)


Sounds interesting and I find it beautifully mixed.