Pedalboard name display does not update when loaded via MIDI nav


With a pedalboard loaded, the name of the board is displayed at the bottom of the screen(s). When a different pedalboard is loaded via MIDI nav, the name does not update to reflect the new board.

How to reproduce

On a Duo running v1.9.1 configured with a MIDI Pedalboard nav channel:

  1. Load a pedalboard from a bank via the system menu
  2. Pedalboard name is displayed
  3. Load other pedalboards from the bank via PC message / MIDI nav
  4. After a board is loaded, the name at the bottom remains on the first board’s name

I’m also looking forward to the addition of displaying the current active snapshot in a future release! :heart_eyes:

I think the following issue is reflects your wish and is also somehow similar to your issue: Pedalboard Snapshots - Display doesn't show current snapname when changed via MIDI or WebGui