Pedals that can't be saved in their off position?



I’ve found a number of pedals (at least I think it’s the pedals, not just a random bug) that no matter what I do, default to being on when the pedalboard is loaded - the two I’m struggling with at the moment are the GxQuack and the GxCreamMachine. I’ve tried saving the state as a default preset instead of just the board itself switching on, and that doesn’t fix it. What’s more, the graphical interface when I’ve got that hooked up indicates that the pedal is indeed off, rather than on, so it seems like it’s some kind of mismatch at load up between the audio state defaulting to on, even though the graphical interface is following the saved state of the board.

How to reproduce

  1. Create a pedal board that includes either of these plugins (maybe it’s a Gx code thing - might be worth trying some others)
  2. save the state of the board with the pedals switched off, ready to be activated by CC when needed.
  3. reload the board, and find that the pedals have defaulted to on.

Expected/suggested solution

I guess it just shouldn’t do it :slight_smile:

Additional information

Latest updates of OS and firmware, running Windows on a PC, but the same with Mac (tried switching laptops to see if it just wasn’t saving it, but it was the same, and all the other pedals can be saved in either state quite happily…)


Additionally also the MOD Bypass gets a wrong initialization after powering it up.

A small “alright, we have seen it” would be appreciated.


Regarding GxPlugins, yes, it’s a bug in the GxPlugins source. It’s already fixed for some time, I just ain’t manage to push the fixes to the MOD store.


For the CreamMachine a update will be available soon in the Store. The other plugs will follow soon.


I’m currently working on updating all the plugins in the plugin-store. There will be an update available for the Cream Machine in the next few days probably. It could take a bit longer for the other plugins but they will also be updated soon. I will post a follow-up here if there is an update available.


The update for the Cream Machine is now available in the plugin-store.


Thank you @BramGiesen for the info.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


The updates for the other gx plugins with this bug are now available in the plugin-store. These are the following plugins: GXBOTTLEROCKET, GXHOTBOX, GXKNIGHTFUZZ, GXQUACK, GXSD1, GXSD2LEAD, GXSUNFACE, GXSVT, GXVBASSPREAMP, GXLIQUIDDRIVE.


@BramGiesen GXLIQUIDDRIVE should as well be in the list.


@brummer You are correct, I forgot to include it in the list. the GXLIQUIDDRIVE is updated as well