Pining for Momentary Button Options

This was all discussed here long ago in Define Footswitch as hold button
but I thought of something I wanted to do in a pedal board so I finally took some time, threw it together and then realized it can’t work, because the footswitches only have toggle mode! :cry:

I know this can be worked around by the plugin devs by using the trigger designation and handling the switch in a special way to enable momentary or toggle control, but then it has to be implemented in every plugin. That’s clever and its how loopor does it, but IMHO this really is more of a controller feature rather than a plugin feature. Nearly all the plugins I’ve developed could benefit from this.

So I just propose (again) that any parameter thats a toggle switch that you’d map a footswitch to, has advanced options to change from “toggle mode” (the default), “momentary on”, and “momentary off”.

I actually think for the DuoX with all those pushbuttons, this will become even more yearned for.


I think momentary will be great!

I’ve been wanting to do a kill switch type of thing and bounce on it to make interesting rhythmic things…


i was able to do this with a midi fighter classic and switching it to ableton mode that sends a momentary cc value.

Yeah, I’ve got a midi controller that can do it. I just think it’s a bit silly that the mod footswitches can’t.

kinda get the vibe that they won’t support it any time soon.

We hear you!
For the Duo(X) this will most likely be possible in V1.10.0 :slight_smile:

For the MOD Footswitch, it will probably get an update around the same time the expression pedal is released.