Pitch-shifters finally in plugin store!

Thank you for the example. I’m at my day job right now… so I will check it out when I get back home tonight.

In my mixing I use a high pass filter on just about every channel to clean up any possible artifacts which don’t help. It really adds up when you do this over the whole mix! I forget that I can do this with my live rig… With digital gear like the DUO there is no excuse not to put in a high-pass filter at the end of the chain…

I don’t come from the traditional guitar background so I am just learning about filtering/eq before effects. I used to think of EQ as something to fix sounds at the end but when placed in front of effects they have new characteristics. The DUO has let me explore this easily.

I’m going to play with some filters and eq before and after the pitch-shifter and see how I can make it fit in my sound using the lo-fi setting.

In fact the total of plugins that are available to me at the store is less than 200 (around 179 I think).
I’ve seen videos and reviews with 400+
I have no Idea what could be causing this…

There are 400+ plugins yes, but they are either not stable, don’t really fit the mod, or need some extra attention for which we don’t have time now.
(in fact, the real number right now is 551)

we’re slowly bringing more and more plugins into the stable section every week.

in a future release we’ll allow the user to install all those plugins, but with a very big warning first…
also, you cannot share pedalboards containing such plugins.

Right now we have exactly 179 plugins that are stable and accessible by everyone. There should be 16 plugins in the “Spectral” category, 8 of which are the ones mentioned in the first post of this thread.

Can you confirm that there are 16 plugins in the “Spectral” category for you too?


You are welcome! As a guitar player I’m also guilty of cluttering up the mix a bit now and then, the MOD Duo definitely helps with finding a solution for that :slight_smile:.

I have had some great results placing plugins at unusual spots in the chain, I can definitely recommend placing reverbs and drives/distortions directly after the pitchshifter, pre-filtering, too.

Looking forward to your next pedalboard share!

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I’m having problems with the MOD Drop. Sometimes when i turn it on it retains the original sound with the ‘dropped’ one, resulting in an awkward sound (i want to drop just one semitone). I have to reboot the MOD to fix it. I want to use it live (some songs with drop tuning), so it is very important :slight_smile:



Can you share a pedalboard that you have the issue with? Being able to reproduce the problem is very important, it makes us able to fix it :slight_smile:

Can you define “Sometimes” for me? Are there any specific occasions where it happens more often?


The pitch shifters and harmonizers are awesome! I use them almost on every gig!

Some time has passed now and i need to ask - can they be still optimized regarding CPU load?

If so i’d have more possibilities and a little less fear that with further development of the ui and so on there’ll be less cpu available for effects in the future so i can’t use pedalboards anymore that worked before.

Anyone else in that situation? :wink:



I’m in the same situation, I have a pedalboard with 5 or 6 common guitar effects using 50-60% CPU and even one pitchshifter (usually 2Voices) upsets the apple cart. I’ve posted elsewhere about this:

Having a pedalboard set up for shows with everything laid out for the optional footswitch and then having to create a secondary bare-bones pedalboard just to accomodate a pitch shifter (or amp simulation) is not really a valid workaround IMHO. I hope the CPU will be upgradable in the future because now that the MOD is out there it’s becoming apparent that the CPU is a bigger bottleneck than expected.

I think once the promised peripherals are fulfilled that the biggest challenge for the MOD to stay competitive in the Guitar Effects market is going to be it’s CPU capabilities.

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As far as i understand, upgrading the MOD CPU would be more tricky than one might think. It’s not just the cpu itself but the whole board. Also the software would have to be altered.
But as far as i remember, Gianfranco told me about plans to upgrade the hardware - i hope i don’t spoil anything - in about a year or so. If i remember correctly, an A33 quadcore is/was planned.

Keeping this in mind, i really hope there’s still some room for improvement concerning the pitch shifter’s CPU load.

I run a dual output instrument (NS/Stick) so it’s like having two guitars plugged into one Duo… so I run really hot on the CPU usage. I have a basic pedalboard that runs at over 80%… so I can never use the pitch shifters.
I love my Whammy DT but it takes up so much space on my physical pedalboard…

In my case added CPU would be the answer.
I know the MOD team is working hard on other more critical issues so the expanded CPU isn’t a priority at the moment but I’d totally buy it if it were available today. Maybe there is a hacker out there that can design a board…

You should maybe try a digitech drop tune, it’s saller than the whammy dt and some peoples say it’s sound better.

I thought of that but the droptune is very limited. I use the octave up with direct signal. The DROP only does down pitch…
EHX has a box that goes both ways and I think you can add a expression pedal to it too.
But the Whammy DT can do some pretty great sounds when combining the DT section with the Whammy section.

I also want MIDI capability and Only the DT and the most recent Whammy pedal has Midi on it. Neither the Drop or the EHX pedal has Midi.
I use the Mindi plugin to have the Whammy DT set to what I need for the song.

I’d really like to hear some feedback concerning the harmonizers from a (plugin) developer.
How much optimization potential do you think there is?
Are there other plugins in the pipeline with these functions to try out?
What about the new MAX gen~ integration? I’ve taken a look at gen and the possibilities seem endless (though i don’t have any idea what i’m doing… :wink: ).
thanks guys !

I don’t use 2voices, @GMaq - i guess because of the cpu load it has/had. I’d have to check but i think using 2 capos (or one capo/drop each) uses less CPU. Or try the Harmonizer II, there you also get 2 voices.

You can also use Shiroverb set with no reverb time. You can set it to whatever pitch you want… It’s not as good but it’s something worth mentioning…

Hi @domlo,

I feel like I should chip in on this subject, since I have spent quite some time optimizing the pitch shifters. Before the optimization process nearly all of them were unusable because of very high CPU-loads. I iteratively benchmarked the code of the plugins to find the bottlenecks, and then rewrote parts of the code to make it run more efficiently.

The potential for further optimizing these plugins (on a C++ level) is limited. The truly big CPU-consumers are already taken out of the equation.

From the research that I have done, it should still be possible to optimize the plugins on an Assembly level. Theoretically it should be possible to drop the CPU-load down to about a third of the current load, but this would take an extreme amount of time (months).

Currently the MOD team is not working on plugin alternatives to the currently available pitch-shifters and harmonizers. The gen~ integration is definitely interesting for this subject, but I did not personally do any tests with regard to CPU-load.

If anybody is interested in further optimizing the pitch-shifter family, we are open to pull requests!

I hope that answered most of your questions.



How much CPU do these take up in the Mod Duo X?

if i remember correctly @falkTX had a couple of them running fine on the mod x mk1

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yes, 12 in serie. so in best-case scenario, we can run 48 of them (4 parallel chains of 12).

The CPU usage on the Duo X is not significant.