Pitch to CV, or to MIDI

The MOD’s Audio to CV plugin seems interesting:

Can it convert incoming guitar notes into their corresponding CV?
Can the resulting CV be routed to the MOD’s synth plugins?

No and no.

You misunderstood what this plugin does (though the description does not make it very clear too)
The plugin only converts the type of the signal, it does not modify it in any way.
It is basically changing the signal meta-data, so to speak.

Oh, I see. Thanks.
The MOD contains a tuner which displays the pitches we play into it:
Would it be possible to create corresponding CV/MIDI messages?
Then, whatever pitches we play into the MOD could be simultaneously played by the synth plugins?

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I remember the Duo (original) didn’t have enough processing to do pitch to midi. or at least have a usable plugin with minimal lag… so I used a sonuus G2M. You just can’t beat the dedicated hardware. I wonder if the Duo X would have enough processing power to have a usable pitch to midi plugin and still have room for all the other plugins I want to use.

Oh, OK. Thanks. I’m using the Duo.

I’ve read about the Sonuus G2M, but I guess it can’t handle the Chapman Stick’s stereo signal.

Jam Origin’s MIDI Guitar 2 is considered better than dedicated hardware. It doesn’t run on Linux, so I got a Windows laptop to run it on. Check Nima Rezai’s video, in which he plays the Chapman Stick into a PC running MIDI Guitar 2.

I suppose it might. We’ll wait and see.

Ok. I’ve been corrected. Lol

Yeah. I heard it works great. It would be so awesome to have it as a plug-in in the Duo X.
I don’t want to carry a laptop on to the stage.