Pitch-Wah plugin?

Is there a pitch-way plugin?

The Sonuus Wahoo has a pitch detecting wah that I am very interested in. It detects when you bend a note and automatically adjust the wah like putting your toe down on the pedal. Bend up… toe down… like you would when soloing.
The video below shows this function from the 4minute mark.
It’s not a touch or auto wah. It detects the pitch bend.

Is there a plugin that does this?

I’ve been thinking about getting the Sonuus Wahoo. It does so many things and with the new plugin that @ssj71 created I’m hoping to be able to control the Wahoo from the Duo.

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This is why I want to get some of the AMS modular synth module plugins into stable. Then we can build things like this using a pitch to CV and a filter, no programming necessary.



Something I really love about the Duo is the ability to build effects with existing plugins. Can’t do everything but using some creative thinking many of those effects we want can be built.

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