Please extend the polyphony of noisemaker-ME

Noisemaker-ME is limited to 4 voices. Maybe this was put in place for the Mod Duo, but the Duo X should be capable of more polyphony.
It would be great if this could be extended to 8 or even 16.


Hi @buyallthesynths, this limit was indeed put in place for the MOD Duo. The DUO X could indeed handle more voices. I’m going to look into this and see if we can extend the amount of voices for the DUO X version.


Can the plugin know which one it’s installed into?
Or know what processor it’s working with?

If not, making it user selectable would be nice. :+1:

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That’s great news, thank you.

Well the plugins for the DUO and DUOX share the same source code. But in the build process there are two separate plugins created, one for the DUO and one for the DUO X and it is possible to set custom build options per architecture. I’m testing it now. I will post an update here once the changes are ready to go.