Plugin behaves differently that on a linux computer


I am trying to get my new plugin Plujain Ramp full working on the Mod Duo.
Something is strange and makes noise whit use of Speed Effect lower than normal speed (it can plays the tremolo period two/four times slowly to make an octaver). The problem clearly comes with the creation of inter-samples at lines 612-625 in file .

The curious thing is that on a linux computer, on all tested hosts (jalv, carla, ardour), there is no problem.
I suppose it comes from compilation differences, maybe someone could see something in code that could be weirdly interpreted by a compiler.

If you 've got a solution to debug a plugin on the mod duo I take it too.



Didn’t know if that would help for your plugs, but I need to build my plugs for the use on the MOD all with the
flag added to the CXXFLAGS. Otherwise I’ve strange beehive like you mentioned above.
in fact I use:
-O3 -march=armv7-a -mfpu=vfpv3
in addition to my usual optimisation flags.


But It seems to not be that.
And I also see now that that is not the only one issue.
It’s so hopeless…


Is it the first plug you try to get running on the MOD? I ask, because I wonder how familiar you are with some specific beehive of the mod-plugin-builder environment.
So, for example, without clean-up the previous build in the mod-workdir direction, you’ll end up with your previous build installed again. And a couple of more fail’s been included, which you never think about on a non-cross-platform build. :fire:



Just want to say I listened to your Demos and I’d LOVE to see this plugin come to the MOD, it’s a perfect balance between the freebie Tremolos (TAP) and the WOV commercial one. I understand how frustrating things can be when working with the development side of software but I hope you can get some assistance with getting the issues figured out (I wish I could help…:confused:)

Nice work!!


I think I use correctly mod-plugin-builder. because it’s always the same steps I made this little shell script to deploy my plugin (local build, no call to github).


cd ~/mod-workdir
rm -R plugins/${plugin}.lv2
rm -R plugins-dep/build/${plugin}-*

cd ~/codes_sources/mod-plugin-builder/plugins/package/${plugin}/source
make clean

cd ~/codes_sources/mod-plugin-builder
if ! ./build ${plugin};then
    echo "build raté"
    exit 1

cd ~/mod-workdir/plugins

if ping -c 1;then
    tar cz ${plugin}.lv2 | base64 | curl -F 'package=@-'
else echo "connecte ta mod couillon"

However, I am not very very familiar with C++ (that’s my first quite big plugin) and I wonder if I don’t make mistakes, something that could be differently interpreted by different compilers.


Thanks GMaq, you can already try the plugin on a linux computer, it works well.
Note that I made the Demos before to have the idea to add speed effects (octavers), which increase possibilities.



I will compile from GIT and have a look this week, I have a TC Electronics Pipeline pedal that I would like to emulate in the MOD and Plujain Ramp looks perfect!! Thanks so much for your time and effort to develop it!


Good new.
I had to change this part of code for another reason, and this now seems to correctly works on the mod duo.
I still have a little bug but I am sure it’s a bug from mod-host, so I put it in another thread.