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Thanks, @acunha.

To summarise here, mod-plugin-builder fails:

github . com/moddevices/mod-plugin-builder/blob/master/plugins-dep/package/libmodla/ is specifying a URL that doesn’t exist (web1 . moddevices . com/shared/libmodla-v1.2.3-aarch64-a53.tar.gz) and the build process fails. (Had to edit the URLs so they’d post - add http and remove spaces).

Also, earlier in the build process, there was a problem with https:// bitbucket . org/eigen/eigen requiring authentication… I had to register an account on bitbucket so I could continue.

@falkTX we shouldn’t be requiring developers to register in bitbucket in order to use the plugin builder. I couldn’t find anything about that, do you know where this requirement comes from?

@zappso the issue has been fixed. Try pulling the latest master branch.

Many thanks for your swift response!

Have pulled latest master again. Rebuilding now, will leave it overnight. I’m logging the output of with tee, so I should have considerable logs I can send if I run into the bitbucket problem again.

Ok, I’ll try to build this myself too cause I want to find out why the bitbucket account is being required. It shouldn’t be.

I just finished building using the Dockerfile included in the repo and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

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I can confirm the Linux build completed without issues. There was no prompt for bitbucket this time, either.

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