Plugin features request ( mix, effect volume, direct out controls )

After playing for a few days with the MOD and it´s plugins and pedalboards I realized that some of the plugins don´t have a “mix”, effect volume" or “direct out” control.

Is there a reason for that?

I understand that is possible to workaround this situation using some of the plugins in the “utility” category but i think it could be much easier to the users having these options inside each plugin.

I would like to know what other users think about this.

BTW… I just want to say that I´m amazed with the MOD DUO and the feedback of everyone on the MOD devices forum!


The reason is the DRY (don’t repeat yourself) principle. A lot of the plugins were not specifically written for the MOD, and usually the plugin-host offers some control over that.

Rather than pushing this work to every plugin [author] I think it would make sense to add this to the MOD itself.
e.g. an optional “gain control on every wire”.

While properly de-zippered/de-clicked controls are not hard, they’re not exactly trivial, either. Doing this once, properly for all plugins does have some appeal.

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Thanks for the reply @x42

Now I can understand why those controls are not present in some of the plugins.

I´m just a user with zero developing knowledge. :flushed:

If it makes more sense add this features to the MOD itself, maybe this topic should be moved to the Features category.

Let’s leave it for the MOD-team to comment (it needs a moderator to move the topic anyway).

Since they do curate plugins, they might also just add a control to every plugin (at least visually or conceptually: the output connector not the wire).

It’s just added convenience really, under the hood it can be just a “hidden utility gain plugin”

I can see that this is one of those downsides to an open platform. Some of the plugins build it in and some don’t.

The great thing about the Duo is the super flexible routing. You can always get around it and I have been doing it with my reverb and delay with a direct line to the output and routing to delay and reverb in parallel and re-combining the signal at the end. I put in level controls into the reverb and delay to control the amount I send to each like you would with a mixing console.

As @x42 said… Lets wait for the MOD team.
But the gain and fader utility plugins do the job


I agree that would be very useful to have a mix (between wet and dry) control for every plugin, especially for reverb and modulation effects.
Anyone at @mod_team can tell us if it is feasible?
Thank you so much!

err, that original post is from 5 years ago.

clear answer - yes of course feasible, but not worth to add such control to every single plugin, it would consume its fair share of cpu. if such a feature comes, it would be opt-in per plugin

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Thank you for your reply dear @falkTX.
It will be a great upgrade to have that option, otherwise we have to use a “stereo X-fade plugin” to mix the effect with the dry signal.

Thanks, Matteo