Plugin Idea for Control Chain


just had an Idea:

would it be possible to develop a plugin in which i can specify certain ControlChain values, which are then output to a self-built control chain device?

Background: I just bought 2 Moogerfooger pedals which are awesome by the way. It is possible to change almost every parameter via CV on these pedals. If i had one plugin which specified all those parameters for each pedalboard (presets), i could translate those via arduino to CV. So i wouldn’t have to change the physical knobs on my moogerfooger pedals.
Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I guess for starters 8 knobs would be nice. What do you guys think?

Another possibility would be to just send the pedalboardname (or any other trigger) and have the CV-Value database stored in the arduino. Wouldn’t be quite as comfortable though.

If this interests more ppl than just me - who could develop this? Don’t think it should be hard.
Thanks guys!