Plugin not updated?

So I was browsing through the plugins and I noticed that a plugin was not on the latest version.
However when I run updates the UI says everything is up to date.

The specific plugin in question is MDA SubSynth, but there might be others.
Latest Version: 0.3-11
Installed Version: 0.3-9

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After removing and installing again the plugin has the correct version, btw.

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Another one I found:

MIDI to CV Poly
Latest Version: 1.1-11
Installed Version: 1.1-8

So seem to be a number like these that don’t get updated.

Should I check all plugins after a plugin update again manually whether they are current? That is honestly too time consuming / stressful for me.

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This is the whole point, that the plugin updates are not fully updating the plugins. And thus something is not going right here.

Of course this should not be the responsibility of the user, hence this topic.

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Is it possible to mark such plugins in the plugin manager that you can reinstall them to upgrade them?

I’d rather see that the updates are working …

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Thanks for reporting that @dreamer.
Apparently, you just found a bug that we were not aware of.
The team is already trying to understand what’s the reason, so we will keep you updated.


That’s what us unwitting users are for :wink:


Since I experienced something similar in a completely different context recently, just an idea about the problem’s reason:

How is the version number evaluated by the update routine?
If the whole version number is evaluated as a string, 1.1-11 would be considered lower than 1.1.8 (comparing digit by digit, since it’s not 1.1.08).
This would fit for all examples given above, as all versions jump from one to two digits in the last part of the version number.

Never mind if that hint was stupid :slight_smile:

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Hello @dreamer, @khz, @jon and all,

Edited, now with distortion plugins.

I was just curious and looked after plugin versions on my NAND Duo and I updated some plugins per hand a few days ago as they weren’t automatically updated. I didn’t exactly remember which ones, apologies.
This post indeed is a bit long because I had installed all available plugins and I chose to look again, this time in utilities category first and Control Voltage as well.
I’ll investigate other plugin types further later…

Update: My list is complete, but it could be that it concerns just my Mod Duo. I don’t think another user has all beta plugins loaded, though.

Following plugins showed my old and current versions:
Current ALO version was 0.1.2, most recent version 0.6.5. I removed and reinstalled ALO.

drobilla Metronome 1.0.2 currnt 1.0.3
Sooperlooper 0.9.7, current 0.9.9
Sooperlooper 2x2 0.9.1, current 0.9.3

Then I checked plugins by author:

mda ambience 0.3-9 0.3-11
OverToneDSP DT-1 2.0-7 current 2.1-8
These plugins have a “new version” label and can be upgraded.

For the following plugins a current plugin version is shown that differs from the installed version, but you can only remove the currently installed version before installing the new by hand:

AMS Envelope 1.0-5 current 1.0-7
AMS LFO2 - Freq 1.0-5 current 1.0-7
AMS VCA Exp 1.0-5 current 1.0-7
AMS VCCA LIN 1.0-5 current 1.0-7
AMS VCF 1.0-5 current 1.0-7
AMS VCO3 1.0-5 current 1.0-7
Audio To CV 3.0-7 current 3.0-11
Attenuverter Booster 3.0-7 current 3.0-11
MOD Control To CV 3.0-7 current 3.0-11
MOD CV ABS 1.0-4 current 1.0-8
MOD CV Clock 3.0-7 current 3.0-11
MOD CV Gate 1.0-4 current 1.0-8
MOD CV Meter 1.0-7 current 1.0-11
MOD CV Range Divider 3.0-4 current 3.0-8
MOD CV Round 1.0-4 current 1.0-8
CV Switchbox 1-2 1.0-7 current 1.0-11
CV Switchbox 1-3 1.0-7 current 1.0-11
CV Switchbox 2-1 1.0-7 current 1.0-11
CV Switchbox 3-1 1.0-7 current 1.0-11
MOD Logic Operators 2.0-1 current 2.0-2
MIDI to CV Mono 3.1-7 current 3.1-11
MIDI to CV Poly 1.1-7 current 1.1-11
CV Parameter Modulation 1.0-3 current 1.0-7
Random Generator 1.0-4 current 1.0-8
Slew Rate Limiter 1.0-4 current 1.0-8

mda BeatBox 0.2-ß current 0.2-11
mda Detune 0.4.9 current 0.4.11
mda DubDelay 0.6-9 current 0.7-11
mda DX10 0.2-9 current 0.3-11
mda ePiano 0.3-9 current 0.4-11
mda JX10 0.1-9 current 0.2-11
mda Leslie 0.3-9 current 0.3-11
mda Overdrive 0.4-9 current 0.4-11
mda Piano 0.1-9 current 0.1-11
mda repsycho 0.1-9 current 0.1-11
mda RingMod 0.2-9 current 0.2-11
mda RoundPan 0.2-9 current 0.2-11
mda subsynth 0.3-9 current 0.3-11
mda ThruZero 0.3-9 current 0.3-11
mda Vocoder 0.3.9 current 0.4.11

OpenAV Della 2.0-4 current 2.0-5
Mayank Granulator 1.0-3 current 1.0-4
OpenAV Masha 2.0-4 current 2.0-5
the infamous stuck 0.1-11 current 0.1-12
the infamous stuck stacker 0.1-11 current 0.1-12
ZynEcho 7.0-5 current 7.0-6

Bitta 2.0-4 current 2.0-5
Freakclip 1.2-3 current 1.2-4
GxBotttleRocket 34.0-4 current 34.0-5
GxGuvnor 28.3-2 current 28.3-3
GxHotBox 34.0-4 current 34.0-5
GxHyperion 28.3-6 current 28.3-7
GxKnightFuzz 34.0-6 current 34.0-7
GxLiquidDrive 34.0-3 current 34.0-4
GxSaturator 28.3-6 current 28.3-7
GxSD2Lead 34.0-3 current 34.0-4
GxSuperFuzz 28.3-7 current 28.3-8
GxTimRay 35.0-2 current 35.0-3
GxToneMachine 34.0-2 current 34.0-3
the infamous Hip2B 0.1-7 current 0.1-8
Satma 2.0-4 current 2.0-5

GxQuack 34.0-4 current 34.0-5
ZynDynamicFilter 7.0-5 current 7.0-6

Kars 2.0-13 current 2.1-13
ZynAddSubFx 7.5-5 current 7.6-6 removed and installed by hand

Not instaled are all MIDI Switchboxes with new shiny logos
the infamous mindi 0.1-7 current 0.1-8 removed and installed by hand

OverToneDSP CR-1 2.0-7 current 2.1-7 update routine
OverToneDSP PH-1 2.0-7 current 2.1-7 update routine
the infamous power cut 0.1-10 current 0.1-11 removed and installed by hand
ZynAlienWah 7.0-5 current 7.0-6 removed and installed by hand
ZynChorus 7.0-5 current 7.0-6 removed and installed by hand
ZynPhaser 7.0-5 current 7.0-6 removed and installed by hand

Prefreak 0.1-3 current 0.1-4
ZynReverb 7.0-5 current 7.0-6 removed and installed by hand

Bass Cabinets 1.0-4 current 1.0-6 removed and installed by hand
faIR Modern Rock 1.0-2 current 1.0-1update routine
GxSVT 34.0-6 current 34-0-5 removed and installed by hand
Modern Cabinets 1.0-4 current 1.0-5 removed and installed by hand
Onyx 1.0-6 current installed 1.1-4 ??
Vintage Cabinets 1.0-4 current 1.0-5
setBfree Whirl Speaker old 2058.0-11 current 2068.0-14

I wonder if some other guys. made the same experience and what causes this bug…

Greetings and God bless, Marius


Not stupid at all and thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile:
Honestly, I don’t know how the version number is evaluated. Perhaps @falkTX could give us a little help here and let us know if your suggestion is the reason for these issues :wink:

Thanks a lot for your super detailed description! :slight_smile:
This will help us really a lot

Hello all,

Plugins on my Mod. Duo X…

Tal-Dub-3 0.0-5 current 0.0-7
Tal-Filter 0.0-5 current 0.0-7
Tal-Filter-2 0.0-5 current 0.0-7

dRowAudio:DistortionShaper 0.0-5 current 0.0-7
dRowAudio:Distortion 0.0-5 current 0.0-7
dRowAudio Tremolo 0.0-5 current 0.0-7
ZynDistortion 7.0-5 current 7.0-6

GxSwitchlessWah 1.0-8 current 1.0-9

Calf Monosynth

Stone Phaser 0.1-1 latest 2.1-1
Stone Phaser stereo 0.1-1 latest 2.1-1


This is a Limited Edition Mod Duo X…

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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I am investigating this, but after installing 1.9.3 factory-reset image I am not able to reproduce.

So from what I see, the updates are working as intended.
I suspect what might be happening is that the cloud was giving a bad version at some point.

Anyone here still has a unit with one of such plugins?

While the unit says all plugins are up to date, I still see this:

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With some help of @dreamer on IRC, the issue was found.

There is a server/cloud prefix applied to all versions, which at some point got from 1 to 0.
(My guess would be that it happened during a cloud migration some months back)

Went unnoticed for quite a while, but now that we are aware, we will push for a fix.
When done, pretty much all plugins will have an update to install. Sorry in advance. :sweat_smile:


Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes, with a little dash of OCD, to find these kind of issues :wink:

Looking forward to pull in these updates soon!


Thanks @falkTX Filipe and @dreamer for your support.

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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