Plugin Sequencer with File System access

I’m contemplating writing a sequencer which will drive a number of connected Synths with MIDI messages for both Musical notes and MIDI Program Change and Control Change messages.

I’m thinking that what the plugin plays is defined in a text file which is read in, interpreted and when a footswitch is pressed the plugin just plays the loaded file.

There are are number of questions with this. Firstly the plugin needs access to the file system, as do I. I don’t know if there’s a user account or a standard location on the files system that a plugin has access to but I’d like to copy a file “track_1” to the Mod Device, and be able to configure that file in the plugin.

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what type of file is the “track_1”?

Haven’t made my mind up yet. Some form of music notation, at present I’m thinking LilyPond file, which is a simple text file representing the music to be played on each device. I haven’t gotten too far into it as yet, still reading documentation, but I think I can get LilyPond to output a midi file format, so I could use that, but I’d still have to interpret that MIDI file to send Program Change and Control Change messages rather then Note On and Note Off messages.

hmm the files support is not “unlimited”.
Currently, the platform is just supporting the ones stated here.
As the possibility of using/saving files is quite new, most likely with time more file types and other things will be added and/or improved.

Well I’m not really asking the ModDevice to support a file format. My plugin would do that I was just looking for a location that I could ‘scp’ the file to, given login details, and have my plugin read that file. I could write a file to ‘/tmp’ and read from that directory as I think everyone has access to that directory. However that directory gets cleared of its contents on boot.

Your list includes MIDI so maybe I’ll try that out. Storing a midi file on the moddwarf and trying to get access to it from a plugin.

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There should be a midi file player in the plugin store. Maybe it’s in the beta section?

I’m not trying to play a MIDI File, I’m trying to play a different text file notation. I just want to be able to store the file in the mod device and have the plugin read it. At the minute the file looks like a LilyPond file with additions for extra things

Sorted. There’s root access on the device: