Plugin store updates list

This is a topic reserved for listing the updates we have pushed to plugins in our store.
Every time we push an update to a plugin we will give some details here on the reasons for the update (ignoring beta plugins)
In order to keep things on topic, no user comments are allowed.


TAL-Reverb-II 0.0-5

There was an issue with the initial state of the plugin, not matching what the GUI was showing.
Also an issue with presets not using their non-normalized values as they should from the start.


MOD Pitchshifters have been updated to 0.4-13

The FFTW wisdom file had the wrong signature on Dwarf, leading to it not being loaded and thus not be as performant as it could be.
We detected the problem while investigating something else, and promptly fixed it.


x42 MIDI Generator 512.0-7

Updated to latest upstream version, which brings a few more test sequences.


Guitarix Cream Machine 36.1-11

A few GUI tweaks.

For the curious ones…




CAPS (suite/collection) updated to 9.24-13

CAPS AmpVTS (and maybe more?) produced no sound on the Dwarf, now fixed.


x42 Step Sequencers updated to 777.5-4

We found that under some specific conditions, a rounding error was causing the plugin to jump internally in its timeline and trigger notes where it shouldn’t.
Very weirdly, under the same exact conditions, the bug happens on ARM but does not happen on regular (intel/amd) 64bit machines.
It is not clearly understood why this happens at all (even by Robin, the author of the plugin).
But in any case we have a workaround now.


abGate updated to 2.0-13

This brings abGate to the latest official upstream release.
Nothing changed on the plugin processing code side, the new releases were meant to fix meta-data and other details.
We noticed a few inconsistencies on this meta-data and fixed them (missing units, corrected “brand” name, version information was missing and homepage URL pointed to an empty page)
The small things have been reported upstream.

This is the start of something we are going to try to push from now on, give 1 plugin (or collection) some nice needed attention, around 1 plugin every 2 weeks.
Eventually we will go through the entire collection.


MOD Arpeggiator updated to 1.2-4
Some small fixes related to memory issues and also handling of the MIDI input.
Coming from these set of changes from @BramGiesen, the author of the plugin.


OpenAV ArtyFX plugins have been updated to 2.0-2
Makes it fully up to date with the official desktop version, which has many fixes since we last updated it (couple of years ago).

In the spirit of giving attention to plugins one at a time, we verified these ones to be working well.
Additionally this update brings “Bitta” to stable (we did not have a bitcrusher effect on the stable store yet, and this one works well).
We modified the original plugin a bit here to use real parameter values (1 to 16, in bits) instead of the original 0-1 normalized range.

Please note that if you have ArtyFX installed from the beta plugins you MUST update the plugins first before installing Bitta.
Also worth noting is that installing Filta, Kuiza or Roomy will not automatically install Bitta.
We split the new plugin into a separate bundle so one can have only the wanted plugins installed (but the previous 3 remain together as to not break existing setups).

Oh and we took the chance to give it a little nice visual update.
It follows the original author theme a bit, and now keeps the GUIs in a consistent style.

Many thanks to @harryhaaren for these awesome little plugins!