Plugin update for Loopor


Hi @jesseverhage, I have update the Loopor plugin. The sole new feature is the addition of a new dry amount knob which allows to select how much of the dry signal is routed to the outputs. The new version is in the same repository as before:

The update was triggered by user requests. Can you please pull the update?


Please make it stable too!!! :wink:


That’s another request, but it seems like it could be done.


Hi @Stevie, thank you for updating your plugin based on user requests!

Would you be so kind to follow the steps found in the pinned post in the Plugin: Updates subcategory? (About the Plugin: Updates category) We have created these guidelines to reduce the amount of time it takes for us to merge plugin updates into our ecosystem.

If there is anything unclear, please let me know, and I will try my best to assist. Thanks again for your work!




If @Stevie is interested in getting Loopor into stable then that is definitely an option. Of course, Loopor would have to go through the promotion process in that case. (About the Plugin: Promotion category)



Hi Jesse, thanks for your answer. And sorry I have no idea what is missing. I don’t understand what it means to submit a pull request for your modules. I mean, I have downloaded them and compiled the plugin using the mod-plugin-builder. What else should I do?


Hi @Stevie, thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

Simply put: if you change any files in a git repository such as mod-plugin-builder or mod-lv2-data, you can make a pull request. As a result, the MOD team will see which files you changed, and what changes you made to those files. We can then simply press a merge button in order to incorporate your new changes into our ecosystem. It saves us a lot of time, because we don’t have to go through different procedures for the different developers working on plugins.

A pull request is a common thing with Github, so I would like to refer you to their documentation for a more extensive explanation:

Can you remind me how your plugin initially got into the community (“unstable”) store? Perhaps reading through the Plugin: Publishing pinned post (About the Plugin: Publishing category) will clear up most of the confusion.



Hi Jesse, I am actually aware how to do pull requests. However, since my plugin is hosted in my own repository on github and not as part of your repository, I have never even touched the mod-plugin-builder repository. I just downloaded it and use it for building. That’s where my confusion comes in. My plugin was pulled in by your team. Not sure what was necessary to make that happen. I went through the steps described in your document you link to in the above. But that does not really explain why I would have to do a pull request. Only that I should do it.


Hi @Stevie,

I have done some investigating, and indeed you are correct. Your particular case is slightly different from many of the plugins created by other developers.

There is a makefile in mod-plugin-builder for your Loopor plugin (

Simply update the version number in the makefile to the desired git commit ID of your own repository and make a pull request on mod-plugin-builder. I will publish the update afterwards.




Since I was doing the publishing for @brummer’s plugins anyway, I updated the commit ID in the makefile for you, Loopor is now updated to have the dry control.

You did create a basic modgui for it, correct? After the update it still has the tuna-can graphic.



Thanks @jesseverhage great news.

And yes, I did the modgui. The files are in the repository. I guess there’s something wrong about how they are stored in the directory structure. Note that I did this when this was all still very manual. I have to copy them to the right location when creating the bundle for myself.

Maybe the reason is that I am using an older mod-plugin-builder etc. I tried to update to the newest version (or rather install from scratch), but that does not work anymore for me, because the bootstrap requires a QT version which does not exist on the QT servers anymore.

If you could have a look at my repository and tell me what’s wrong I could rearrange things accordingly and then submit a pull request this time.


@Stevie, after quickly scanning your repository I didn’t find anything overtly strange. Perhaps the is causing trouble? As far as I know most if not all other plugins dont use the .in extension, but simply manifest.ttl. You could try changing the file extension.

About the mod-plugin-builder version: did you try using docker? (the last link is probably what you need)