Plugin updates in MOD Store


Hi everyone, you might have noticed that from time to time there’s plugin updates in the store.
While we do have a changelog for MOD releases, we do not have a place to post the changes made to plugins.
Well, now we do! We’ll be posting plugin related changes in this topic. Still not 100% sure this is the best option, we’ll see in due time.

Changes will be posted in this very first post, in decreasing order of time.
(ie, recent changes on top)

GxDelay stereo, Gxdigital delay (mono/stereo), Gxduck delay (mono/stereo), GxEcho stereo, GxBottleRocket, GxFuzz, GxGuvnor, GxHotBox, GxSaturator, GxSD1, GxVoodooFuzz, GxCompressor, GxExpander, GxSwitchedTremelo, GxFlanger, GxPhaser, GxWahWah, GxReverb stereo, GxRoom simulator, GxMetalAmp, GxMetalHead, GxUVox720K, GxVMK2 by @brummer

abGate by Antanas Bruzas

Stuck, Hip2B, Power cut, Mindi by @ssj71

GxSVT by @brummer

Tiny Gain Mono & Stereo added (Tiny amp with output meter by @x42)

setBfree Whirl Speaker (re-)added (MOD-specific version of setBfree Whirl extended plugin)

GxHyperion, GxQuack, GxSD2Lead, GxSuperFuzz, GxSuppaToneBender, GxToneMachine and GxVBassPreAmp added (Great new plugins by @brummer)

MIDI SWITCHBOX added (Same as the existing SwitchBox utility, but now for MIDI)

HARDWARE BYPASS added (Allows to change the Duo’s ‘True Bypass’ with a footswitch)

COMPRESSOR M/ST added (Invada Mono and Stereo compressors)
ZAMCOMP[X2] added (ZamAudio Mono and Stereo compressors, with sidechain port!)

BOLLIE DELAY added (Cool delay plugin from @Bollie)

GXJCM800PRE added (Guitarix JCM800pre, mono and stereo versions)

REDEYE VIBRO added (Guitarix Redeye Vibro Chump)
DRUMKITS PERC. and RED ZEPPLIN 4 added (From AVL Drumkits series)

HARMLESS added (Shiro Harmless)


STEP SEQ. 8x* added (x42 Step Sequencer, 3 variants))

GXSLOWGEAR added (Guitarix Slow Gear)

GXVINTAGEFUZZ added (Guitarix Vintage Fuzz Master

Pedal change logs?


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New plugin added - Harmless by Ninoshiro.
“Harmless is a harmonic tremolo with a crossover tone control.”


Guitarix Redeye Vibro Chump added to stable, plus 2 soundfonts-as-plugins from the new 1.1 release of AVL Drumkits.


Guitarix JCM800pre added to stable, both mono and stereo versions.

Thanks to @jesseverhage for finding the big CPU eater, and @brummer for helping along the way.


I am curious to find out what the changes are when there is an update to a plugin.

For example, recently there were new versions of the FluidGM plugins. What were the changes?
I really like the Fluid SynthPad but it had so much sway in CPU usage that I had to step away from using it. If the update is to keep CPU usage down I would probably be more inclined to try it again… but without knowing what the update is, I’m inclined to not give it another try.

Is there a place where updates are logged?


Sadly these changes are not logged.
A lot of plugins receive updates because some other in their plugin pack got updated.
For example, updating gx-jcm800 means updating all guitarix plugins.
On the case of FluidGM plugins we added the new AVL drumkits, which because they’re in the same project meant the FluidGM got updated too.


The JCM simulation sounds great ! Well, it uses more than half the cpu but still… it’s great ! It’s amazing to see how simulations have gotten better these years :smile:


Bollie Delay has been added. Thanks @Bollie!


I’m assuming I can install plugins that are not in the store (and not ready for prime time), or say build some myself, but I don’t know how to get started with this. Any suggestions?



and there are a couple of other pertinent pages in the wiki.


Remember that we do not support using the ‘unstable’ plugins, in any way.
Maybe you can find how to enable them… if you do, keep it to yourself.

Plugins that are untested makes development and debugging of issues very hard,
as issues might be caused by plugins (like memory corruption).


Following the request of users, we added 2 compressors to stable - from Invada and ZamAudio.
The Zam one has a sidechain port, which works great (don’t forget to enable it in the settings panel).


I haven’t tested the ZamAudio compressor, but I will test it soon.

Thank you for adding the Invada compressor. Great compressor and a great addition to the ModDuo !


ZamAudio compressors don’t show up under the Dynamics. It only shows under the “All” category.


Fixed now.


Starting with v1.3.0 you can now install “Hardware Bypass” plugin from the store.
This plugin allows to change the Duo’s ‘True Bypass’ with a footswitch or MIDI CC.


Exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Thank you. :slight_smile:


MIDI SwitchBox has been added to the (stable) store.
It’s pretty much the same as the existing SwitchBox utility, but now for MIDI instead of audio.

It sends note-offs for the currently playing notes when changing the target port, so that you don’t get stuck notes.