Plugin updates in MOD Store


any thoughts about a “reverse” switchbox? i.e. 2 (or more!) inputs and 1 output – so you can switch what is going into an input port. could be very useful in both audio and MIDI.


Really that is just a mixer. There’s no midi one, but it looks like we at least have the stereo x-fade that could be used for it right now.


it’s true… i do use that in situations where i want different proportions of the incoming signals. but for me there are a lot more use cases in which all i want to do is switch between 2 incoming signals, in a mono context. so a simpler tool might be appropriate, in the never-ending quest to keep CPU load low! :slight_smile:


Small update, added the full AVLinux drumkits to the stable section.
Before we only added half of them, but there was no real point to it I think…
So Black Pearl 4A, 4B, 5 and Red Zeppelin 5 moved to stable now.


Added a bunch of @brummer plugins to stable:

  • GxHyperion
  • GxQuack
  • GxSD2Lead
  • GxSuperFuzz
  • GxSuppaToneBender
  • GxToneMachine
  • GxVBassPreAmp

Thank you very much @brummer!! :smile:


Added a MOD-specific version setBfree Whirl Speaker extended plugin.
The old simplified version will remain in the stable plugin store for compatiblity reasons.
Thanks to @x42, again :slight_smile:



Just read this and haven’t tried the new Whirl yet, in the future it would be great to modulate the rotor speeds with an expression pedal (or arduino) like a real leslie instead of having fixed rotor settings.


The new Gx plugins are extraordinary! Already using four of them. Amazing work @brummer!


Thanks @solobasssteve for feedback. :punch:



Thanks for moving the new GX Plugins to stable , I’m curious if the ‘Guvnor’ plugin will be coming to stable soon?

+1 Great work @brummer!


You can already with the current version. The motor-speed controls are bindable and can be changed dynamically.
BTW, a real Leslie doesn’t allow this (it has 2 fixed speeds)


Tiny Gain Mono & Stereo added (Tiny amp with output meter by @x42)
Thanks yet again to @x42! :sunglasses:


GxSVT by @brummer and Stuck, Hip2B, Power cut, Mindi by @ssj71 added. Thank you.



Thanks for the other 3 though.


Sorry, I missed the Mindi. It’s there now.




GxDelay stereo, Gxdigital delay (mono/stereo), Gxduck delay (mono/stereo), GxEcho stereo, GxBottleRocket, GxFuzz, GxGuvnor, GxHotBox, GxSaturator, GxSD1, GxVoodooFuzz, GxCompressor, GxExpander, GxSwitchedTremelo, GxFlanger, GxPhaser, GxWahWah, GxReverb stereo, GxRoom simulator, GxMetalAmp, GxMetalHead, GxUVox720K, GxVMK2 (guitarix plugins by @brummer). Thank you.


abGate by Antanas Bruzas


It’s an official plugin avalanche!