Plugin Updates (Official Store)

MOD Utilities updates to 1.0-18
There was an inconsistency with the gain plugins, one saying “level” and the other “gain” for the same parameter, now fixed.
The toggleswitch was changed to make channel 1 on by default, special request from @gianfranco


Freaked updated to 1.0-6
The Freaktail plugin didn’t have a category, something we missed, now will be shown as Reverb.
No other changes.


MDA updated to 0.4-14

This brings a big set of changes to these plugins related to converting more 0-1 normalized parameter values into real values.
Additionally, Degrade and Shepard were moved from beta to stable.

This is a backwards incompatible change.

Please update your pedalboards that make use of MDA plugins after installing the plugin update, as some parameter ranges and units were changed. This can be done in steps:

  1. fix addressings (first unaddress, then readdress, especially needed if you notice parameter values outside of their available range)
  2. fix snapshots (load snapshot, fix state, save snapshot)
  3. fix pedalboard (after fixing all addressings + snapshots, save the pedalboard)

Consider backing up the unit data (through advanced settings with a usb stick) before installing the plugin updates in case you use them a lot and require them to work just as they were before.


VeJa Titan updated to 2.0-3

This update gives the Titan an extra toggle to enable oversampling to reduce digital artifacts.
This option is on by default for the MOD DuoX and Dwarf, but off for the Duo


MOD Logic Operators updated to 2.0-4

Fixes the issue where the text for “Manage CV Ports” would be white on white background, thus invisible.


Forward Audio Plugins updated to 1.2-7
(faIR Modern Rock, Marsh 1960, MEGA California Recto, ENG 212)

This update increases the resolution and length of the convolution inside the cabsim engines.
The overlap add algorithm was optimized and the plugins now also use system-wide fftw wisdom files from v1.11 for better performance.

also a small fix regarding the jacks not showing on the plugin screenshot.


IR loader cabsim updated to 1.0-18

Just fixing the GUI screenshot so it shows up properly on pedalboard screenshots, same treatment that was done on the “faIR Modern Rock” above.


Audio to CV Pitch updated to 2.0-6

Just a small metadata change, reporting MOD as maintainer and me and @BramGiesen as original authors.
That makes MOD appear as authors on the online plugin page AudioToCV Pitch - MOD Devices
No other changes.


Forward Audio Plugins updated to 1.2-8
(faIR Modern Rock, Marsh 1960, MEGA California Recto, ENG 212)

A tiny optimization, for having the behaviour match between all the IR-based cabsims in the store (IR loader, Forward Audio and MOD ones)


MOD Cabinets updated to 1.0-11
(MOD Bass, Modern and Vintage Cabinets)

Brings the same changes as done to the Forward Audio Cabinets a couple of days ago, that being:

Because the improved quality increases the CPU load by a tiny amount, a fidelity toggle was added to switch back to the old behavior if desired.


Forward Audio Plugins updated to 1.2-9
(faIR Modern Rock, Marsh 1960, MEGA California Recto, ENG 212)

IR loader cabsim updated to 1.0-19

The last update for these plugins introduced some aliasing issues on longer IR’s . Those should be solved now.


GxAlembic updated to 28.3-25

This brings an updated modgui to the mono plugin variant.

We do not find the stereo version particularly useful, as the plugin has separated controls for the left and right channels. So it behaves almost as if running 2 separate instances.
For this reason we have moved the stereo version back to “beta”, as very few people were using that plugin variant anyway.