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Hello! Is plugins library not working anymore? Also I can’t download latest firmware from wiki for any of the device’s. Is it because of latest news from the founder of ModDevices?


We are still waiting for a solution.


Very sad, I wanted at least to have latest firmware and all plugins including beta, just to save it to USB. Maybe anyone have such backup file + firmware file?


@Eikni check this post




Why was the plugin library shut down?

Here It is:

thanks for your reply, i followed the discussion, but i didn’t understand why the plugin library must be inaccessible as a service.
There are open source plugins inside and it is a vital tool for using the dwarf mod. Why not leave it operational or at least give users the possibility to download all the plugins to have them available on their device?

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If I’m not mistaken, the insolvency has frozen all the company’s assets. They are unable to pay for the cloud hosting for the service, and therefore it is unavailable. There are options available that require more work, however (the MOD Plugin Builder), but it will require some working knowledge of development tools. If you’re interested, you can check it out on github.


okay, let’s assume they can’t pay for cloud hosting … but the site is online, on the well-known store the Mod Dwarf is still on sale so those who buy then can’t use it because they can’t download the plugins.
I read that with ssh you can “Install” (copy in the lv2 folder) the various plugins, so why not make all the plugins available (the free ones of course) so everyone can install them independently on their device?

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I’m not 100% sure I understand all of your points, but I think you’re concerned about not being able to use the Dwarf without the cloud services. If that’s your concern, you can use the plugins that are already installed on a new Dwarf. It is not all of the available plugins, but it is a considerable number. Without the cloud services, you would not be able to:

  • purchase the paid plugins (marked “trial”)
  • update firmware
  • share or download pedalboards
  • download beta plugins or plugins not preinstalled on the Dwarf

I hope I understood what you meant :slight_smile:


Hello guys.

Next week I Will take some time to install the dwarf plugins that @Rom shared. Them l’ll Will backup my Devices (DUO and Dwarf) and share their respectives lv2 directories.

Hopefully we can slowly build a complete collection with all plugins for each Device.


Hello Guys.

I’ve just shared my dwarf’s plugin directory.