Plugins for the upcoming global BPM?

Good question! Would the global BPM overrule other plugins using the LED’s? Will it even be possible to have other – “local” – beats for plugins once the global beat is activated?

Does the global bpm plugin exist yet?

We have global BPM since a few years now. There is no need for a plugin in this case, you click on the addressing icon near the BPM and you can address it to anything

I hope I don’t understand something and there is a solution.
Could it be that only a few plugins know “bpm sync”?
If so, it is very bad and shocking to me that the effects are out of sync with bpm. Delays, modulation effects without bpm-sync are useless for live act.
Is there a solution, right? I don’t want to believe this.

It is the case that only some of the plugins are able to sync with global BPM. As well, for some that have the capability, you may need to change their settings since some plugins can sync from different sources (global, tap tempo, discrete value). There’s a lot of historical context behind all of this. In the earlier days of MOD and the Duo, the device was developed more in the realm of guitar players. The pedalboard motif and the curated plugins reflected this. In the traditional guitar player world, you set or tap a tempo on your delay and then hope the band keeps good time! From the perspective of plugin developers, the concept of “global BPM” probably wasn’t on their radar when many of these were originally written several years ago.

Is there a solution

Some of the plugins have been converted to honor the global BPM, make sure to check their settings. If you have one (or more) that you like using that don’t work with global BPM, ask politely on the forum about their status. The MOD team may be able to add the feature quickly or help to reach out to the original developer.

Thank You!
I’m a bass player, I play electronic music with a lot of jamming, bpm sync is very important to me.

I read here that Shiro Modulay knows the tap tempo.
In the case of Shiro delay, how can I control the delay time with tap tempo?
Can tap tempo be controlled by an external midi controller?
I use a Morningstar MC6 MKII and Disaster Area DMC-3XL.

Tap-tempo can only be set on the global BPM, not in particular controls anymore.
What can be done is to assign a tempo division to a particular tempo-related control. Perhaps this is not working?

I assigned the tap tempo to a footswitch, but for Shiro delay, if I want to set the delay time to 1/4, the save button “does not live”.

The midi out work like midi thru?
Forward all incoming signals?

Not sure if I follow…

Did you set it up like this?


MIDI out will output on the DIN MIDI and whatever usb midi devices you connect it to.
If you connect the bottom-left MIDI in to bottom-right MIDI out jacks in the pedalboard, it will work as midi-through yeah.

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there is no small square there. :frowning:

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I don’t have that pulldown and tempo checkbox.

Everything updated, no pulldown.

Make sure the device software and plugin are updated.
This feature was introduced in v1.8, and plugins were changed to adapt to it. So updating is required.

Yes, mod duo and plugin are updated.

I don’t know if you understood but I already had the updates made when I posted the problem on the modulay.

I am very disappointed with the mod duo, it is not a reliable solution. Modifications were done in the firmware that threw all my pedalboards in the trash. Time functions have stopped working and the updates do not solve the problems.

That’s strange because I checked my system settings and Modulay, (which I had to update today) to see if they matched yours and now they do. I can see the the checkbox for “Translate value to musical tempo” on my Modulay Time parameter. Did you reload the browser or reboot the Mod Duo after an update? I find it odd that it doesn’t appear for you. Hopefully it’s not some browser cache issue or something like that.

Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 9.10.14 PM

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I cold try cleaning the cache next time I work with Mod Duo, but every other features works, so it’s a shoot in the dark. I passed directly from the version 1.6 to the version 1.8, can be that the problem?

Another thing to try would be to uninstall the Modulay then reinstall it.

Chasing browser issues on the other hand, I would try a different browser to see if that got me anywhere too. Since this relies on web browsers and those are always getting updates or having issues where one works and another one doesn’t, it could be easily that instead of the MOD Duo.

I’ve done OS jumps without issue in the past and for all practical purposes, it should be quite alright to do that. If you have an older version of the OS you could try reverting then have the Duo update again to the current version.

Those are a few things I would try to see if I could get it working.

Already do that. I’m using the Google Chrome.

Hmm… alright. I’m on a mac and using Safari most of the time.