Plugins for the upcoming global BPM?

I don’t know if you understood but I already had the updates made when I posted the problem on the modulay.

I am very disappointed with the mod duo, it is not a reliable solution. Modifications were done in the firmware that threw all my pedalboards in the trash. Time functions have stopped working and the updates do not solve the problems.

That’s strange because I checked my system settings and Modulay, (which I had to update today) to see if they matched yours and now they do. I can see the the checkbox for “Translate value to musical tempo” on my Modulay Time parameter. Did you reload the browser or reboot the Mod Duo after an update? I find it odd that it doesn’t appear for you. Hopefully it’s not some browser cache issue or something like that.

Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 9.10.14 PM

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I cold try cleaning the cache next time I work with Mod Duo, but every other features works, so it’s a shoot in the dark. I passed directly from the version 1.6 to the version 1.8, can be that the problem?

Another thing to try would be to uninstall the Modulay then reinstall it.

Chasing browser issues on the other hand, I would try a different browser to see if that got me anywhere too. Since this relies on web browsers and those are always getting updates or having issues where one works and another one doesn’t, it could be easily that instead of the MOD Duo.

I’ve done OS jumps without issue in the past and for all practical purposes, it should be quite alright to do that. If you have an older version of the OS you could try reverting then have the Duo update again to the current version.

Those are a few things I would try to see if I could get it working.

Already do that. I’m using the Google Chrome.

Hmm… alright. I’m on a mac and using Safari most of the time.

Sorry for the lack of response, but we simply cannot trigger the issue here, so not really sure what is going on…
The plugins in the store are versioned, so each new build will invalidate whatever is in cache by the browser.

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I’m on Mac too, but with Chrome.