Plugins Improve!

Hi guys,
I’m guitarist and singer and I would like to improve some plugins for live :
1 - Why all plugins are “true bypass”? I understand for drive, fuzz, disto, etc… But why not add a function “no true bypass” for reverb, delay, or another fx plugins. Because when you stop fx,the effect is cut and it is not pretty !

So I use Switchbox to create “ABbox” out 1 no fx sound, out 2 fx on like this :

2- So,if you assign button MODswitch1 to change channel 1 and 2 on switch box plugin, the led turns green on modduo, but color doesn’t change, only the number on screen, on stage it’s impossible to read text on screen


Plugins are not all “true bypass”, the plugin 's dev decide what to do when plugin is deactivate, and allmost times it will be be “bypass”.
Don’t forget that almost plugins are not only for the MOD, and, in a DAW, when you have to shut a plugin off, it’s immediately, else it’s really disturbing especially when routing is complex.
You are right on the fact it is musically prettier to mute the input of a delay/reverb than the output and you do it the right way.
Personally I often use an expression pedal with the x42 stereo xfade instead of the switchbox.

I agree that channel 1/2 is not very practical but I always can see on stage the number 1 or 2.

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Worth noting that you can change the label for any assigned switch - doesn’t fix the problem of not being able to read the numbers, but does mean that the plugin being bypassed can be identified in the UI…

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Thanks guys, I found the solution!

I use xfade stéréo, clean sound on left oupout and fx on right output, signal to B and assign ON/OFF to the toggle switch. The led is off and the signal go through exit A, when I active the switch , led turn red and the signal go to out B :

clever !
I use a little plugin I made for these use. It’s a switch box that I called “channel B”. When plugin is bypass IN goes to output A, activated IN goes to Output B. All with a cross-fade with adjustable duration. I’ve to publish it sure, because you seems to need it and maybe you’re not alone.


YES ! great !
I already know another guitarist who will be happy :+1::+1::+1:

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please do, @houston4444!

for these ones familiar with mod-plugin-builder, plugin source code is here:

No mod interface, sorry, I will.


Thank you !!!