Polyphonic Pitch to Midi

Hey everyone. I’ve been working on a new plugin to create ambient washes under my guitar. It does this via a polyphonic pitch to midi converter that tracks what you play and plays harmonically relevant notes underneath. It doesn’t aim to track every note, such as the boss sy-1 or the EHX synth-9 pedals. Instead, it will play at a much slower pace, kind of like a reverb that follows your playing.

Right now it’s in a early state, and good enough for what I want to use it for. I’m wondering if anybody else would be interested in it? It would need a bit of cleaning up before it would be useable, but if enough people are interested then I’ll put some work in.

You can hear a sample here https://soundcloud.com/chris-nicholls-986962728/synth-pad (for some reason, I can’t upload via the share pedalboard function).


This is a great concept and I would love to try it with a piano sound. This would enable for example synth voices reacting to playing an acoustic piano. Curious about how good the tracking is…
thumbs up, I’m in!

Tracking is deliberately slow (or smooth, if I where to market it better). I was trying to create an effect that would slowly track the underlying chord structure as I strum, but wouldn’t try to follow every extra note and embellishment. If you play a chord, and then a few notes on top, then it should keep the original chord, as long as what you play fits over it.

It’s designed to sit under my guitar like a reverb, but without the problem of reverb trails of one chord clashing with a new one. I think it does a pretty good job of this.

There are other pedals that do very fast and accurate tracking but that wasn’t what I’m after. For example, I have a Meris Enzo that does a really great job of tracking, as do electro Harmonix and the boss sy pedals, but they track so closely that it gets a bit busy.

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