Powering busking

So summer is around the corner in the northern hemisphere (even if in Berlin it doesn’t really seem like it) and I can’t help but swoon over the endless busking possibilities the warm weather brings with it! I’d like to know how you guys are powering your busking gigs. I want to buy an amplifier and it would be great if I can incorporate the use of the MOD in my purchase. Theres also bass and voice to be powered in the ban. so I’d appreciate any tips on maybe powering the whole band for a lower price than individually! Thanks in advance.

I know someone who is using this to power the Duo for busking.

He uses a PJB battery powered amp.

Thanks for the tip, @skydiver! Which cable does he use to connect them?

I don’t know which cable it is…
Make sure to use the correct voltage, right size connector, and, probably more important, to make sure you use the correct polarity. (I’m not home so not sure what the correct polarity is…)