Presets w/ Footswitch


Hi, I saw in a previous feature request:
“Under the menu Presets>Load/Manage : Be able to assign presets individually to different actuators”
I now have a footswitch and this feature would be v useful! Any news? Thanks


According to this blog post that will be available when the Duo X is released. It isn’t clear to me whether that will only be available on the X model, but I’m assuming (and hoping) the next major software update will bring that to the Duo.

Yes, navigation via MIDI is now possible. Many of our current users have been longing for that and now the pedalboard presets (re-named “Snapshots”) can be changed via MIDI and MIDI Program change.


Thanks, yes MIDI would be good too, and I’m sure it would apply to the footswitch, and as you say hopefully to the Duo!


ahh, really looking forward to Snapshots being assignable to program change!! that’s really exciting :slight_smile: