Problem with DHL notification / delivery

On the 16th of June I received a notification from DHL that MOD Devices had been instructed to collect a package from them for delivery to me. Since then, according to the DHL website, the shipping status has not changed. All that has happened is that DHL were requested to pick up a package from MOD Devices.
I have tried emailing the couple of contacts I have at MOD Devices but no reply. This is driving me nuts, I don’t know if the request was just a mistake that has been cancelled or if my package (whatever it might be) has perhaps been lost in the system. So out of desperation I’m posting this on this forum hoping someone will let me know what’s going on.

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Hi @Tark
The pick up have not been made yet. We already created all the shipping orders with DHL, thus the notification email.
As soon as we arrange the pick-up you will be notified.
Sorry for the confusion

Hi Gianfranco,

Will that be in the August batch, or before?

Surely before :wink:
We’re targeting next week.

Any news? Really looking forward to get it!

Yup me too. I’m afraid Gianfranco’s aim was perhaps a little optimistic :slight_smile:

Next week sounds great. I’ll also say that next week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Guys, the DHL sends a notification when we starts the preparations, not when we actually ship. It’s a problem because just by registering the addresses we will ship it notifies the end users too much in advance.

We are in the final stages of shipping it… should hear from us soon.


We’re entering testing phase for the software release that will ship with the units.

Poke that friend that already has a Duo in his hands to upgrade his device to v1.0 and help us with the testing process :wink:

The point is, I have never experienced this before. I have received a lot of stuff shipped DHL and in every case the shipment started moving through the system, at most, a couple of days after the first notification. I rely on tracking notifications to make sure I am at home and awake when stuff is due to arrive. To receive an initial notification and then have nothing happen for over a month is, for me. highly unusual. Which is why I tried to get in touch to find out what was going on, and raised this topic on the forum.