I’ve built a pedal board with my mod at the centre. I need to power a tuner and OD as well. Standard 9v units are obviously no good so I’ve been considering various options.

Can I split or daisy chain off the MOD PSU and use step down to 9v to drive my secondary pedals?
Could I use the USB out (5v?) + step up to drive the secondary pedals?

You can, but be careful if you want to daisy chain from the mod duo power supply, since it is center positive and most other pedals are center negative. You’ll need to switch the polarity round for the other pedals.

I actually use a single 12v power supply for my whole board, and run all my pedals at 12v. Most analogue overdrive pedals work fine with 12v, and so do a lot of reverb and mod pedals. But be aware that running some pedals at higher voltages will fry them, so check before you plug anything in!

You should also be able to stop up from the 5v a usb port provides. Tuners an analogue overdrives don’t require much current.

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Another issue with daisy-chaining is that you lose isolation between pedals and can cause ground loops or other noise issues.
The Gigrig system uses one main power supply and branches off using an isolator and step/up/down/reverse blocks to make it right for whatever pedal…

Thanks for the input.
In the end I used a USB to 9v step up cable + a polarity reverser then as my tuner has a 9v output I used that to power the Overdrive.
Gigged it Sat night and it worked fine.
Just need to remember that the MD doesn’t supply current until it’s fully booted. Had a panic for a few moments there!