Rakarrack Plugins

Anyone else been experimenting with the Rakarrack suite of plugins in the unstable section? I downloaded them when I enabled the unstable stuff after 1.50, and am finding all kinds of magic in there… Who’s making/maintaining them? Are we any closer to getting them into stable? I’d love to be able to share a few of the boards I’m creating with them! These are truly wonderful, and most seem pretty stable (and some of the pops ‘n’ crackles that a couple of them generate are actually very cool :wink: )

Huge thanks to the Rakarrak creator - much respect to your brilliant work!

Any other favourites to check out from the unstable section that are basically finished? I tried the freeze, but it seems little temperamental!


Hello solobassteve,

@ssj71 maintains the LV2 versions of the Rakarrack effects: https://github.com/ssj71/rkrlv2
We would need more feedback from test users before these plugins can be promoted to stable. It will also have to be done on a per case basis, the Rakarrack Echo effect is way more stable than the Arpie one for instance.




“maintains” is probably an over-generous term. :wink:
I’m glad you like them. They were made by other developers who have mostly since “retired” from working on them, I only took them from a standalone program to plugin form. The plugins I write the dsp for I brand as “Infamous Plugins.” Unfortunately life keeps getting busier and I have less and less time to dedicate to either project which is why there hasn’t been much progress. If you find specific issues though I do try to fix them as quickly as possible, so please leave feedback here or in the bugtracker on github.

Thanks for the kind words though! Its nice to hear somebody enjoy something I spent so much time on.


The new procedure for bringing the plugins to stable is described here: Management of FOSS community plugins in the MOD Plugin Store

This means that perhaps @ssj71 could create a new thread for adding the plugins you would like to see pushed to the official repository.

Just thought it was a good lead-in to repost the procedure :wink:


waiting for the publishing category to exist?

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The publishing category (as well as the promotion and update categories) will most likely come online this weekend, sorry for the delays!